Friday, February 16, 2018

2017 Vaca Together

Hey y'all!  Today I bring to you my "2017 Vaca" Layout!  I did this layout for today's "antiqued" theme is over at Bad Girls Couture so I thought I would just walk you through a few things I did on this page to give it a bit of an antique vibe without using anything vintage on it at all.

I ran across this super cute dolly Sizzix die and knew I had to get it to give my projects some sweet vintage vibes!  And I feel like it certainly did that.  I used the vintage looking pretty floral patters of the Maggie Holmes Crate Paper sheets to make these sweet little dollies and they really ramped up the vintage feeling on this page.

The machine stitching always make me think of antique linens with the zig zag stitches.  I also gave the bright yellow a little of a tone down with a thin coat of white Bad Girls Couture gesso.  It's all accented with various botanical and leaf cut outs using Sizzix dies.  I find this is a wonderful way to play with my patterned papers and add interest and dimension to my pages.

And finally as normal with most of my work, I inked it all up with a brown stamp pad to soften edges and give it all an antiqued, aged feeling.

Thank you for stoping by today, now go get your antique on!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Over the Rainbow Love

This page was totally inspired by those beautiful bohemian flower halos and crowns that are so beautiful and colorful.  I was using a photo of my husband and I at a fancy anniversary dinner we had on our 15 year anniversary cruise.  The dress I was wearing was very colorful and abstract so I wanted the page to reflect that color and the love and feeling we were experiencing at that dinner.
I came across this beautiful photo of a couple, presumably a wedding photo.  The woman was wearing a wonderful flower crown.   This is the feeling I had that night, and perfect inspiration for this page!

photo credit:

This is the page I made from that inspiration...

I used all Bad Girls Couture kit supplies (most from the January kit but a few from a previous kit too).  To create the flower crown look, I got to work looking through my stash and found a great stencil that worked well with my gesso.  I applied the gesso with a pallet knife and once dry I was able to paint it with the Tattered Angels paints from the kit (the gold is from a previous kit) and I accented the leaves with some green water color.

Next I wanted to add some dimensional flower accents to the page.  I removed the center from one of the silk flowers in the kit and used just one layer of it.  I folded it in half and applied a generous layer of Bad Girls Couture gesso to the flower.  Next I layered a little of the teal Tattered Angels paint for added color and depth.  Then I mixed some texture beads and gesso and applied that to the outer edges of the flower and gave the entire thing a little watered down brown acrylic paint touch with some finger painting.  I sewed the flower down to the paper to secure it and add some interest.  For the center I just painted a couple of the chipboard cutouts with the Tattered Angels paint and dabbed a bit of the textured gesso mix with my finger.

The title is a couple of the 7 Dots stickers, layered with an American Crafts foam glittered word from last month's kit.
I did the same treatment as with the flowers on leaves at the bottom with the textured gesso mix and give it a brown wash as well.

Using a photo or an object is such a great inspiration since we have so many beautiful things around us to inspire us and these 7 Dots papers are so colorful and versatile that they can go from muted to blazing color!  That's enough to fuel your creativity!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Off the Beaten Path

I created this page with the supplies in the January Bad Girls Couture kit.  The deep saturation of teals and greens inspired this page.  I absolutely had to use this beautiful paper "Aquamarine" 7 Dots paper as a bold colorful background.  As I was thumbing through my already printed pics that are waiting to be scrapped I found the perfect match.  This picture of my husband and I sitting on the dock of a beautiful Mexican cenote just jumped out at me and the colors of the paper really brought me back to that day when I placed the photo on it.  I was smitten and completely inspired!

In order to carry the color and feeling of that experience through to the entire page I used a layer of one of the flowers to create a great dimensional grouping.  I folded the flower layer up so it looked more like an emerging bud (I stapled it at the base to hold it in that shape) and painted the entire thing with Bad Girls Couture gesso.  I was just about dry before I added a brush of color with some of the teal Tattered Angels paint then I applied some watered down brown acrylic paint to give it a more blended, muted effect.  After that had pretty much dried I brushed the tips with some Mod Podge and applied some thick glitter.

I added layers of the 7 dots papers cut into great flower and leave shapes with my Sizzix.  You can see I used a few left over Prima flower buds from a previous kit that seemed to work perfectly with this little flower.

And how handy where those 7 Dots Word Stickers?!  I loved them, really!  I choose two that best described that day and adventure and used one as a title (applied to another 7 Dots sticker and then pop dots added for dimension) and one as an accent at the bottom of the page.   The lace border is created using a Fiskers punch and the 7 Dots paper.

Oh and how can I forget the Hambly velum?!  It really gives depth and softness to the page.  I love it!!  And of coarse I had to ink it all up with some brown ink.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

BGC Blog Hopin'!!

Hey y'all!  Thanks for hoppin' on over to join in with the Bad Girls Couture Blog Hop!!  This is a great way to get to know all of us designers and pick up some great tips and inspiration along the way!  

I'm Michelle and I've been scrapbooking ever since I can remember!  Scrapbooking has been a part of my life as far back as peel and stick photo albums!  Yes I had some of those and scrapbooked my high school years in them!  I've since transferred and saved a lot of those pages so they wouldn't get ruined and now I just love keeping my finger on the pulse of the scrapbooking trends.  I live in Louisiana with my husband of 15 years and our two boys (6 and 11).  They are very supportive of my scrapbooking and the kids love seeing their pictures printed and on a finished page.  

I've been a fan of Bad Girls for a long time so when I saw they were relaunching the kit club I was all in!  It's been so fun and inspiring to design for Bad Girls over the last few months.  This design team is so full of ideas and innovative inspiration that keeps me trying new things and just excited to open my next kit up!  The wonderful thing about designing with these kits is that it's not just a run of the mill scrapbook kit.  These kits usually contain some sort of art or mixed media item, which I love because I'm a art girl at heart.  They also include unique vintage items that are so interesting and exciting to experiment with.  Opening up a Bad Girls kit really lights a fire under me to create and make something beautiful, stretch my limits and just have fun!

In the spirit of getting to know the designers, here are a few fun getting to know me questions:
1. What’s your favorite color? - Red
2. What’s your favorite song right now? - Currently I'm loving the entire Greatest Showman Soundtrack but I have a few favorite songs, like "Gypsy" by Fleetwood Mac and "Oceans" by Hillsong & "Try" by Colbie Caillat
3. Who inspires you?  Hmmmm, I think I'd have to say Heidi Swap and JoAnna Gains
4. Favorite Book?  My scrapbook & Faith Journal!  Seriously though, I don't read much so that's my answer!  LOL
5.Favortie Movie?  Don't make me pick!!  All time fav would have to be Steel Magnolias.
6.Favorite snack?  Is coffee a snack
7. What is your favorite food?  Anything Mexican these days!  I love a unique spin on a good taco!
8. Where would you like to visit someday?  Europe or Hawaii
9. Who got you into scrapbooking?  I honestly don't remember.  I've just always done it.
10. How many years have you been scrapbooking? Too many to count!!  I'd say since the 90's some time
11. Favorite Manufacturer?  Even though it doesn't exist anymore, hands down HAMBLY
12. Currently Reading:  "A Simplified Life" by Emily Ley
13. Favorite Bad Girl Kit so far? Again...don't make me choose!!  LOL!  But the January "A Little Bit Gaudy" kit had me blazing!
14. Favorite artistic technique?  I'd say using the Molding Paste by BGC and stencils to create texture.  And lots of inking and distressing ;)
 Now ya'll go comment and follow Bad Girls Couture on Instagram so you will have an opportunity to win prizes.  And don't forget to comment here too so we know you dropped by;) ya wanna see the amazing prize we have for you at this stop?  It's pretty awesome!
Bad Girls Couture is very excited to offer one of our Monthly Subscription kits as a prize! Lots of glitter and sparkle and a Vintage Archie Comic Book Mini Album! We always like to offer unique, one of a kind items in our kits that you can’t find anywhere else! 

This is the Blog Hop order, you should have already visited the other designers blogs since I'm the last stop but just incase you haven't... 
Wendy La Croix-
Nicole Martel-
Irina Volzhina-
Ashli Oliver-
Rae Moses- 
Michelle Sanders-

So hop on over to the Bad Girls shop and take a peek at some of the past kits as well as our design team gallery to get some inspiration. 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Museum Snob

It doesn't get anymore antiqued than the ancient Myan Ruins of Mexico!  And that's the subject of my "Museum Snob" layout.

Did I mention I'm loving' the January Bad Girls Couture kit?  I mean the combo of those 7 Dots papers and the Hambly velum splattered with that Tattered Angels turquoise paint...I mean come on!  What's not to love!

I deconstructed a couple of the flowers in the kit and used the pretty brad that was in the center of one to secure my Hambly velum to the page.  There are lots of die cuts of leaves out of the 7 Dot's papers, pretty much any of the papers that had green in them I cut them up for leaves!   The laser cut chipboard pieces from Um Wow were a perfect canvas for the Tattered Angels paint, it was so bright and bold on them!

I used the Daisy D's paper as a mat behind the photo and distressed it with a distressing tool.  The title is one of the 7 Dots stickers and is pop dotted to the page.

Finally I inked every edge I could with a brown ink pad;)

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Art Journal Mini Album

Now you guys know I like to use some junk and reclaimed stuff in my projects.  But this month there was some pretty cool stuff in the Bad Girls Couture kit, including this amazing mini book made with vintage game cards.  WHA?  That had to be utilized and showcased in all it's glory!!

I really liked the idea of turning this little mini into an art journal and it turns out there was the perfect little title sticker in the 7 Dots stickers that came in the kit.  SCORE!  So that was really my jumping off point.  And there were some great square stickers that made the perfect tabs so I used them to tab off each game card as separate sections in my little art journal.

Then I just got into painting and layering and just laying on some texture to give the cover the look I was going for.  I wanted to have a really dimensional cover filled with texture and rich colors without being too bright.  The flower was perfect for that but I didn't want it to too new or store bought.

So I went to work on deconstructing it, only using one layer of the flower.  I painted it with a generous coating of the Bad Girls Couture Gesso.  Once the gesso dried I applied layers of watered down brown acrylic paint with my finger till it was toned down and aged looking.  For the center I use a couple of the chipboard cut outs and painted them with the teal Tattered Angels paint.  I also mixed some texture beads into some gesso and applied it to the edges and over the center pieces for more texture and interest, then a bit more brown paint.  I did the same with the other chipboard cut outs and applied the 7 Dots "art journal" sticker with glue dots to give it a title.  Finally I filled it with water color paper between the tabbed sections and gave the cover and all the game cards and tabs a good inking.  Now it's ready for all my art journaling and painting needs!
I really love how the flower is totally transformed and almost looks porcelain.

Monday, January 22, 2018

My New 2018 Planner Set Up!!

Alrighty y'all!  I FINALLY finished setting up my 2018 planner!!  WOO HOO!  I'm telling you, functioning without a planner was hard!  So here is my planner set up!
I used a Planner Society travelers journal and an Explorer Journal Expansion Pack by Momenta.

I also embellished the front with a blingy "M" sticker from Paper Studios and a couple clip on bow embellishments from Planner Society.

For the inside embellishments it's pretty much all Planner Society products

For my main dashboard I used a collage of product from different Planner Society kits and layered it all up after inking the edges with a black StazOn ink pad.

I made a simple dashboard for each month out of Planner Society vellums and acetate that I can go back later and customize as the months come so it's a fluid and working planner.

I stamped each month on the tabs to give it a uniform look throughout the planner.

I adhered a fun printed clear pocket to hold more stickers and embellishments to the dashboard of my notebook insert so it's functional and pretty.

All in all I'm very happy with the start of my 2018 planner and ready to plan and expand it with this year's adventures!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

It's Your Day Mini Gift Box

Ya'll, I have been so inspired with these 7 Dots papers in the January Bad Girls Couture kit that I have just been creating my little heart out!

So here is another project I made with the January kit.

It's a mini gift box!!  I used a Sizzix die to create the cut out of the box and after folding it all up I gave it a good inking along the edges with my brown stamp pad.
Next is the really fun part!  I took one of the layers of a silk flower that was in the kit and coated it with a generous coating of Bad Girls gesso.

Once that was dry I gave the center of the petals a good swipe of the Tattered Angels turquoise paint and then adhered some glitter to the edges and center with more gesso.  I cut out more flowers out of the 7 Dots papers.

Finally I made a sweet little tag with a scrap of the Daisy D's paper and added one of the Um Wow flair buttons and tied it to the box with a scrap of the vintage French fabric.
It was a fast and fun project!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Stay Thankful!

The Antiquated challenges at BGC are always are my fav and this one was pretty fab!  This month we had a great little vintage comic mini in our December kits to have fun with!!

Coming off of Thanksgiving and seeing everyone listing everything they are thankful for last month on social media but then going into December that stopped I got to thinking...WHY?!  We need to STAY thankful!  With that message deep in my heart I received this kit and knew I had to make my mini a "Stay Thankful" themed mini to at least get us though the rest of the holiday season and remind us we need to stay thankful more than just in November.
So the pages are super cute before you even get to decorating but I got to layering and painting!

I added inserts like this tag I made by using my Sizzix to cut a tree out of the center of the paper and then machine sewing the Hambly overlay behind it.  Another insert I did was to use the large butterfly on that same overlay as a single cutout, punched a hole in the top of the wing and made it an insert towards the back of the book as well

This tassel keyring was made with some of the ribbons from the kit and then attached to the binder ring that holds the book together.

The Cover is embellished by painting a rough square in the center with gesso and then sticking the word "stay" on in the American Craft foam letters and painting over them with gesso.  I added some texture beads to the gesso to give some added dimension and interest.  When that was all dry I added the work "thankful" with some letter stickers from my stash.  Then I layered on a bunch of die cuts I made using the papers from the kit and then place the arrow and leaf glitter foam stickers.  Looking at it now I wish I would have inked up the die cuts but oh well!
This mini had so many  possibilities and I'm not even done with mine, It's ready to be filled with all my thankful moments!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Not Lucky...BLESSED!

What better way to get over midweek than with a little COLOR!!  This is a layout I did for a great challenge over at Bad Girls Couture.

For this layout I just went all in.  I mixed it all up.  I cut up papers, I did machine stitching, I cut up the foam glitter sticker words to make them work for my page, I finger painted the edge of my picture, I stenciled molding paste, I inked edges, I water colored, I just went nuts y'all!
But sometimes we need to just unleash!

Here you can see how I cut the American Crafts Foam sticker words to customize them to fit what I wanted to say on my page.  I may have used an "n" or a "u" turned on it's side to make an "s" or trimmed another random letter down to make a "d" but when you put them all together it looks right!  LOL!

But you know, it still looks rather composed because the papers and supplies in this kit, although all very different really do mesh well together in a very hip and fashionable way.  I love how fresh it feels.

And lets talk about the stenciling molding paste on here, I use molding paste a lot but I don't normally do it on patterned paper.  (Just scrape it over your stencil with a palette knife then lift your stencil)  Can I just say how much I love the effect it made!  The texture was wonderful and when I came over it once it was dried with some bright just popped!  You have to try it!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Nostalgic Christmas Cottages!!

Who grew up with those sweet little vintage looking cottage houses with the white painted and glittered roofs either on their Christmas trees or on their tables at Christmas?  I know my grandma always had them and they were so sweet!  Well they are so easy to make!  And the papers in the Bad Girls Couture December kit are so cool and funky that you can make the neatest retro ones that have an updated twist that will be such a fun and add a fresh pop of color in your decor!

Using some basic card stock I had in my stash and some textured paper I created the base of it and then used all the beautiful papers from the kit to embellish it and bring it to life!  You really could create it just from the papers in the kit but I wanted it to have a little more structure.
So heres how what you need to construct the basic house

Cut two squares and two squares with a pointed rooftop from a heavier card stock or even cardboard if you want it really sturdy.  Then cut out a large rectangle out of whatever paper or material you would like to cover your roof.  I used texutred wallpaper for mine and trimmed the edges with decorative edge scissors.  I didn't include measurements because I really just eyed mine and you can adjust your depending on how large you want them.

Next you will tape the pieces together (from the inside) side by side till you form a cube constructing the outside of the house.

Lastly you will secure the roof on with tape from the inside as well.  Again, if you are using heavier materials like cardboard you may want to use a heavier adhesive like hot glue or something similar.
Now comes the FUN part!!  I used all the AMAZING papers and glitters in the kit to decorate!!

I covered the front of the house with one of my favorite papers in the kit because I just loved the graphic black and white of it and thought it was a great contrast to the colors.  Then I added a hand cut whimsical scalloped corner edge to the front sides.  I also cut out three identical trees and then folded creased them in half and glued them to themselves so they would form a three dimensional tree that would stand on it's own at the front of the house.  I used one of the large felt flowers as a door mat.  You can cut out a door, windows, or whatever you like.
The wreath over the door was created by punching out a bunch of branches with a punch and glue dotting them in a circular shape with a circle of the same paper as beneath it to appear there is a hole in the middle like a wreath.  Finally, I created "snow" along the roof top with some of the Bad Girls Couture Gesso and applied the glitter from the kit while it was still wet.
It was a fun project that could be adapted for kids projects, Halloween, Easter or any season really!  Y'all have fun creating!!