Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Day of Zen

Ahhhhhh! After the worst last days of my old job, I pampered myself today. I started my day by getting a snazzy new hair cut, then went to lunch with a dear friend to a fabulous deli where I had the most wonderful California club. After lunch I proceeded to get a warm stone massage - compliments of my sweet, sweet husband {Thank you David!}. Ohhhhh, what a wonderful experience! Then, I hopped on the interstate and beat the traffic home. Once home, I cuddled up on the sofa and had a relaxing cup of spiced tea while I watched the cooking goddess that is Rachael Ray on Food Network. All in all, I would say I had a pretty good day! I feel so honored...I would like to thank my hairstylist, Alexis; my massage therapist, Jennifer and most of all, my husband, David who without him, none of this would have been possible. Oh, and I would like to thank the fans. Ok, so I have no fans...but they say it on tv in all those cheesy acceptance just felt right...OK?!

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