Monday, November 28, 2005

giving thanks in the great outdoors

Well we had a wonderful long holiday weekend. After a night out with friends Wednesday night, we went eat at my parents for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. We had a fairly traditional dinner but with chicken instead of turkey...I know, I know...but it was my father's idea. I made the rice dressing, stuffing, baked mac & cheese and cranberry sauce...everything else was up to my father. After having thanksgiving leftovers for supper, we went to BR to visit with Lindsey & Marcus and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate at Starbucks where I bought a fabulous Christmas CD. I got to feel the baby...even though he was playing posum, I felt his little butt and his little elbow poking out. I must admit I felt a little fever...briefly...but it was fever none the less. One day. Then Friday we were off to the woods, to grandmother's house we go. Ok so it was David's great grandmother's cabin. He laughs everytime I call it "the cabin", but that is what it is, an old cabin on achers of woodlands with a nice pond within walking distance down the trails. We got roast marshmellows, drink hot chocolate, David got to shoot his gun, we told stories and looked at old pictures. It was nice. Then, once back in civilization, we went to my brother's to pick up my new camera he had so graciously gotten for me when he discovered that this fabulous 6.1 mega pix/ 3X Zoom Kodak camera was on sale for half the price I was gonna pay for it. SWEET!

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