Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I have been instructed to make at least 20 necklace and earring sets for this weekend. Last night I made 7...I think that is a record for me! Now I just have to keep banging them out at that rate. Since we have to go set up Thursday night and the show starts Friday, I only have two more days left....AGGGHHHH! I am exhausted! Plus, I'm trying to make up time so I'm getting up early and staying late at my "day job" so my craft time has been cut way short. And...to do his part, my daddy (being the sweet, sweet man he is) cooked supper for us last night and says he is going to make us a chicken stew tonight. He said I need to focus on making my stuff and I don't have time to cook this week. Just this weekend, I sold like 15 necklace sets and I think Broadmoore is going to be way more busy than that...at least I hope! So here I am, sleep deprived, achy back, messy house, piles of laundry, dirty bathroom and beads everywhere! I'm getting too old for this!

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randommoments said...

Sounds like you need those elves we were talking about! And if I were you, I think I'd hint around for another massage... ;)