Friday, November 18, 2005

Well here we are...the Broadmoore Arts & Craftshow...the BIGUN! I have been preparing like a mad woman and I'm still not ready. It is supposed to be blistering cold tonight and the cold is about the only thing I'm prepared for. I bought hand and foot warmers like the hunters use in the woods, I have a hat, gloves and long johns...I think I'll be OK! As for the experience of Broadmoore, a crafter once asked me for some are my comments:

I've done Broadmoore for about six years and things have gotten a lot better with regards to random acts of insanity. Always prepare for rain and lots of it and don't bother complaining about it to anyone who runs the show because their standard answer is "We can't control the weather"...we heard that at least 72 times last year. And no they don't cancel and no they don't return money. Bring hay, bring tarps bring tents, bring extra shoes, bring battery powered lights so when your tent loses electricity the shoppers can still see. Yes, we have needed all of these things and no, we didn't have most of them when we needed them. Don't mark reduce your prices during the show, make darn sure you made everything you are selling and never leave your car parked in the unloading lot. It will rain, the lights will go out but the people will still be there and they will still be buying. It is the weirdest, most bizarre thing I have ever seen. I have seen people pushing baby strollers through ankle deep mud, people on crutches, in wheel chairs and even on oxygen...yes on oxygen...SHOPPING! It is exhausting, terrible and great all at the same time. Does that make any sense? All I can say is come prepared and well rested and be ready for a long, bumpy but profitable ride. At least you have Sunday to rest.

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