Friday, February 17, 2006

OH...he done good!

Well...Valentine's Day has come and gone and I have bragged to just about anyone and everyone that would listen about how good my darling husband did but I just realized that I have not yet posted a blog entry about it. So here goes... You see, apparently David did his Valentine shopping the day we heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time. He went to Mignon Faget (my all time favorite jewelry store) and bought me a beautiful silver and rose quartz heart pendant and a bottle of purfume. Then he spotted the baby stuff in the store and could not resist getting a baby bib for the baby. I know, I know, how sweet is that?! And for it to be from my favorite jewely designer at that! It was a little over priced for a baby bib but it will no doubt end up being a family heirloom treasure. Then, since he had his heart set on getting me a fleur de lis and they were all out of them (Mignon is a famous New Orleans jewlery designer and everyone is buying fleur de lis jewlery to show support for New Orleans) he stopped by a local import jewerly shop and bought me a fleur de lis ring too! Oh yeah...he done good. See for yourself...

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