Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More pictures from the weekend...

This is the fabulous Scrap Etc. store in, love, loved this place! So much cool stuff in there and so many wonderful layout ideas!

I had to include this pic with my sweet, adoring, kind, patient, understanding hubby who not only drove me to the event but did not complain. Nope, not one time. Didn't gripe about the money. Didn't pout about having to roam around Birmingham alone. Didn't give me any crap at all. He totally got it and he was so, so understanding. I had no guilt. NONE! God I love this man! You know, he is my baby daddy! Oh AND today is his birthday. Don't tell him I told ya but he is the big 30 today!

 stinkin' cute is the neon Heidi Swapp sign?! And the layout below it...just fab!

And the fabulous star studded teaching staff! As most of you know I adore Heidi & Elsie but Cathy (the one with the uber short hair) is my new love! LOL!

The Houma crew...this is Brenda (my hubby's cuz) and her wonderful group of pals. We made quite a group!

And then there was Ashley Beth who is a local BR gal that I know through one of the scrapbook stores. We didn't get to hang out much but we kept tabs on each other and got to chat a little. Oh and take a peek at that cute shirt she made for the cute!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Observations - Dare 24

I enjoyed this dare because it gave me an excuse to observe and write down all the quirky things my sweet, sweet hubby does...most of which he is not really aware of! LOL! The journaling is on green ledger paper hidden in the envelope.

Used Technique Tuesday Stamps, scraps of paper, the paper label from a cigar box and a clasp envelope.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Totally Inspired!

{Click on the pics to enlarge}

Well the Scrap Etc. Inspiration Event is over and I have mixed feelings about that! I'm so glad I was totally worth it but I'm glad it's over 'cause now I can scrap with all that inspiration. {Not to mention that I'm pooped!} It's good to be home! As I reflect on the event and what it means to me I realize that I have changed a little. I went there totally excited to meet Elsie & Heidi but left with a profound appreciation {and scrap crush} on Cathy Zielske! She is one awesome, funky, down to earth, balanced and very expressive. I left the hotel Sunday and went strait to the store to buy her book and I soaked it all in on the ride home. I am now faced with re-evaluating my scrap style, my technique, my layouts, the very fiber of my purpose in scrapbooking. She makes me want to go home and scrap but in a different way than before, more simple but funky, expressive but clean and even >GASP< href="">

And last but not least, I got to meet Heidi Swapp... I love her products and her style and she is somewhat of a scrap celb so that was exciting! I will remember this weekend for the rest of my life and as I embark on a new chapter of my life, these ladies...their talks, their pages, their classes and their inspiration will take through to that new chapter and well beyond. THANKS!

Monday, April 17, 2006

me...a celb look-a-like?

Apparently so, according to You should check it was fun. But be warned, this was some of the runner up matches. Needless to say it is not always right!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tea Time!

This Sunday was ou 3rd annual Easter Tea. As you can tell, everyone had a splendid good time as they nibbled on good munchies and sipped on fabulous tea! Thanks to all the grandmothers, co-workers (past & present), & friends that came. I hope ya'll had a good time!

Disney Bound!

Ok, so I'M not the one going to Disney. My sweet niece is going and I can't let her go with one of those crummy, generic autograph can I? So I made her this autograph journal that she can get all the characters to sign and later I can add pages with pictures too. I had so much fun doing this 6 X 6 book...I smell a class coming on!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Dare 21 - "Unanswered Prayers"

Since I didn't participate in dare 22, I thought I would post the previous dare...this was dare 21 that took place a couple weeks ago but I never got around to posting it. We were challanged to tell a story of hope.... you know, something terrable that happened but good came out of a cloud with a silver lining. I had to reach down really deep to pull this one one! But I did it. This is my story of hope. Nothing unusual. Nothing dramatic. It wasn't life or death or even tragic. But for me, at that time, it was my world. Journaling reads: In 1995 I thought I would never recover from what I thought was a devastating breakup with my high school sweetheart. After receiving an engagement ring for graduation, I thought the deal was sealed but little did I know that he had not been the adoring faithful boyfriend I thought he was. Turns out, I had to end the relationship when I found of his affairs. Up until that point, it was one of the hardest things I had ever had to do but I knew I could not live my life with a man that could lie to me for so long and betray my trust in such a way. I did’t think that I would ever find my true love. Well needless to say, true love did find me when I met David in 1998. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. To this day, I still thank God for those unanswered prayers back in what seems a lifetime ago. Used Making Memories, 7 Gypsies and Basic Grey patterned papers, two peas fonts, american crafts brads, k&co rubons, velum, & transparentcy paper. For more info. on "THE DARES", go to I dare ya!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Our baby fetus has a gender!

Yep, it's a boy! (that's his manhood in the second picture)

So's a smelly ol'boy!

Down side: no frilly girlie dresses or pink scrapbook pages, no dance
recitals, no Barbie dolls, no clip clop dress up shoes, no shabby chic

Up side: no frilly girlie stuff (yes that can be an up side too), faux-halk spiked hair, scrapbook pages filled with grungy inked stuff, cub scouts, David will have a clone, vintage circus nursery.

I'm not gonna say it was a disappointment but it did take me a little bit to recover. As a semi-girlie girl, I sort of wanted to do the whole ribbons and bows and dress up thing but then on the other hand, girls are so catty and they can be nasty little hateful creatures sometimes. So I'm told, boys love their mammas and they pick them flowers and want to protect them...and so on. David said he is sort of relieved cause now he can be a little tougher and won't have to spoil our kid quite so much. YEAH RIGHT?! He is already talking about baby gap and making our kid stylish.