Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More pictures from the weekend...

This is the fabulous Scrap Etc. store in, love, loved this place! So much cool stuff in there and so many wonderful layout ideas!

I had to include this pic with my sweet, adoring, kind, patient, understanding hubby who not only drove me to the event but did not complain. Nope, not one time. Didn't gripe about the money. Didn't pout about having to roam around Birmingham alone. Didn't give me any crap at all. He totally got it and he was so, so understanding. I had no guilt. NONE! God I love this man! You know, he is my baby daddy! Oh AND today is his birthday. Don't tell him I told ya but he is the big 30 today!

 stinkin' cute is the neon Heidi Swapp sign?! And the layout below it...just fab!

And the fabulous star studded teaching staff! As most of you know I adore Heidi & Elsie but Cathy (the one with the uber short hair) is my new love! LOL!

The Houma crew...this is Brenda (my hubby's cuz) and her wonderful group of pals. We made quite a group!

And then there was Ashley Beth who is a local BR gal that I know through one of the scrapbook stores. We didn't get to hang out much but we kept tabs on each other and got to chat a little. Oh and take a peek at that cute shirt she made for the cute!

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Kelli said...

omg girl you got some great pics! I love them hubby turned 30 last year! Too cute...he wouldn'tve complained fact when I got home and told him he wasn't in the least upset :)....I'm enjoying your blog. You write very well.