Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Our baby fetus has a gender!

Yep, it's a boy! (that's his manhood in the second picture)

So's a smelly ol'boy!

Down side: no frilly girlie dresses or pink scrapbook pages, no dance
recitals, no Barbie dolls, no clip clop dress up shoes, no shabby chic

Up side: no frilly girlie stuff (yes that can be an up side too), faux-halk spiked hair, scrapbook pages filled with grungy inked stuff, cub scouts, David will have a clone, vintage circus nursery.

I'm not gonna say it was a disappointment but it did take me a little bit to recover. As a semi-girlie girl, I sort of wanted to do the whole ribbons and bows and dress up thing but then on the other hand, girls are so catty and they can be nasty little hateful creatures sometimes. So I'm told, boys love their mammas and they pick them flowers and want to protect them...and so on. David said he is sort of relieved cause now he can be a little tougher and won't have to spoil our kid quite so much. YEAH RIGHT?! He is already talking about baby gap and making our kid stylish.


randommoments said...

Ohhh Clietus is a HE!!! Is that a teeny mohawk I see? ;)

Lu said...

Look at the turtle! That is definitely a boy. Congratulations.

scrapbookmom said...

Boys are easier!!! I have 2 girls and 1 boy and he is a breeze compared to the girlie girl DRAMA. Congrats and good luck!