Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dear Shoe Company...

How funny is this? I saw this as someone's avatar on Two Peas...

Just thought I would give you a good grin!

Friday, May 26, 2006

scrappin' up a storm!

I've been making a lot of pages lately. I don't know what it is but scrapbooking is all I seem to want to do these days. I don't know if perhaps it's because deep down I realize that I don't have much time to scrap at my leisure so I'm trying to cram it all in...who knows. I've just been enjoying it and the ideas just keep coming...that rocks! I don't questions it, I just create!

Here are my latest creations:
Cowgirls Rule. - Use a fabulous Hambly overlay to frame my niece at her dance recital
One Cool Dog - Another random layout of my hillarious dog using some new Injoi papers
This is Me. - A 12X12 layout I did for the teacher wall at my Memory Mania.
My Sweet Valentine - Dare #28 (an ad inspiration). Not my best work but at least I got to scrap these Valentine pictures that have been taunting me!

My sweet niece...a cowgirl?

This is my niece Mya at her dance recital a couple of weeks ago. She was just as cute as she could be in her cowgirl outfit! I snaped this picture when she was preoccupied with a little boy and his mother sitting next to I love a camera with zoom!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Look at me!

Hell yeah...made the favs for the Effer Dares! Woo Hoo! Check it out....
Thanks girlies for the inspiration!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I married a very sweet man!

Yep...he done good again! I was unsure how he would do on this day...being that I don't actually have a baby yet. But he did good...really good. Apparently he payed close attention the day we went pick out the baby bed and made a mental note of the (very pricey) diaper bag I liked. Low and behold, mother's day morning he tells me there is a "strange bag" in the living room. As I walked into the room and saw the Cullan's Babyland bag I knew immediatly what he had done. Yes, he purchase the very bag I wanted. So sweet. I've been gushing about it all day. This man knows how to surprise me. Well were right...sometimes he can just pull it out of his butt but he can make it happen. ***Sigh***

Friday, May 12, 2006

Bad Blogger...Bad.

Yes I've been a bad blogger but I've been a very good scrapper. See...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I've been tagged!

Alright...I've been tagged by my blog bud Kelli. Prepare yourself for my disaster!

Ok so whats in my fridge:
1. Veggies that I bought with good intentions on eatting
2. Avacados - been craving them...mmmmmm!
3. Hubby's salad dressing from the Melting Pot - we buy it once a year when we go for our anniversary...he loves the stuff.
4. Grape Jelly - Love me some PB&J!
5. Ketchup...I'm with you Kelli...we keep it in the fridge.
6. Pickles...I'm pregnant...what do you expect
7. Left over hotdogs. This will come in handy when I wanna scrap tonight! LOL!
(now keep in mind that there is a few things in here that I can't identify at this moment!)

My Closet:
Well my closet is devided into fat "baby mamma" clothes and skinny "I will fit in these again" clothes! This has been recenty organized thanks to my dear, sweet mommy!

My purse:
1. cell phone
2. checkbook
3. an apple & a special K bar...a girl gets hungry you know!
4. an apple else am I supposed to eat the apple? Bit it?! That is so caveman! LOL!
5. lipstick & gloss...a girl needs choices!
6. day planner
7. keys
8. gum
9. $20 my hubby gave because he felt sorry for me having no money.

My car
1. Extra resperator...I work in a chemical comes in handy!
2. Map & directions from trip to Bama...I really should clean that up a bit.
3. Tons of napkins...I am a napkin klepto! Always afraid of running out.
4. Gloves cause I can never find the come winter they stay...where the glovebox! LOL!

Ok, now I get to do the taggin...TAG you're it!
Jill - Another Day in the Same Life
Elsie - Beautiful Mess
Jody - Nitty.Gritty.
Missy - How did I get here?
Kristi - Sounds of Science

Yes I realize I'm being very forward by tagging two of the effer gals & THE Elsie Flannigan, but that is a risk I'm willing to take. And hey...I think we all want to know what is in their fridge!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

not so surprise party...

Does this look that the face of a surprised man to you? Me either! Nope David wasn't surprised for this surprise 30th birthday party I worked so hard on but he was sweet enough to hide it so my little feelings wouldn't get hurt! The major surprise of the night was the horrible rain that came hard and fast causing major flooding. We actually had to move cars to higher ground because they were getting water in them. Well needless to say the pictures were sparce as well as the croud since the rain really put a damper of things (no pun intended). Dispite David's lack of surprise and all the rain, David was really appreciative and had a good time mingling with those that did make it out in the weather!

Monday, May 01, 2006

this is what i've been up to

So what have I been doing you may ask...well besides cleaning the spare room to make room for the soon to be nursery and throwing my husband a not-so-surprise party, here ya go... I've been trying to catch up on my scrapbooking. Yeah, yeah, never really catch up...but I'm trying to make a dent ok!? So here they are

1) I Will Never - Effer Dare #25
2) Observations - Effer Dare #24
3) Meeting Heidi Swapp
4) I Love Elsie
5) Seeing Stars