Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Packed & Ready to Go!

Well we are packed and ready to go! This baby is coming tomorrow if we have to drag him out kicking and screaming! Hopefully this induction process will go well and I won't have to be in labor for too long. I will check in with the doctor tomorrow morning and she will examine me then she will send me over to the hospital to start the induction process. WISH ME LUCK! I'll keep ya'll posted.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

More Hambly Lovin'

Oh and I'm so totally in love and addicted to this yummy Hambly goodness! I made this great little mini ablum as part of the Hambly Design Team Challange. I used tons of my Hambly papers and overlays, 7 gypsies stickers, Making Memories tags, Heidi Swapp tape, and other fab goodies! I really had a blast doing this book and I totally recommend it. It is great scrap theropy! Click here for a closer look.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Baby Watch Update...

Well here we are on my due date and still waiting on baby Zane to make his grand entrance! I went to the doctor yesterday and still no major progress. It looks like if I don't go into labor on my own, I go back to my doctor on Thursday, the 31st and they will induce. I'm not thilled about inducing but it looks like I may not have much of an choice by that point. So now all I can do is the usual...spicy foods, walking and other "fun" exersise (wink, wink). I will keep you all posted as I can.

Pray that I don't have to wait another week and he comes all on his own!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Design Team Toot!

I got another reason to toot! This morning Jen from Self Addressed called to let me know that I had made it on the design team! In case you are not familer with Self Addressed, they are ranked number 8 on the top 50 kit clubs online. They focus on mainly mini books and cards and include some awesome stamps as well as some of the latest and greatest papers and embelishements are the awesome! I am totally honored. You should check them out! Here are some of my submissions that landed me on this fabulous designs team (a card, a layout and a mini book...I also submitted one other layout and a few other cards. I may post those later.)

Friday, August 18, 2006

This one is for you Jill

Yes, while at my 'ol buddy Jill's appartment for a barbque, we got a bit of a leason on fire safety in the kitchen from Jill. I don't remember what exactly led up to the comment but she made the comment "That's how grease fires start". Obviously this is not a hillarious statement, however, we laughed histaricly and I still chuckle when I think about it. Guess it's one of those "had to be there" kind of things.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Baby Watch 2006 Update

Still no baby. We are patiently rush. I feel great so I'm in no major hurry but the anticipation is building! We were packed and ready at my doctor's appointment yesterday just in case I had progressed enough for them to admit me...but no luck. As yesterday my cervix was still high and soft but that's about all. I go back to the doctor Wedneday (the day before my due date) and hopefully I will have made some progress and my doctor will make a decision then. Till then, I scrap.

How Do I Love Thee

Scrappin' again for the Last Scrapper Standing Contest. This week the challange was to use 13 pictures on a layout. Well you know how I love a challange, so not only am I limited with my 8 1/2 X 11 pages, but I choose to only do a one page layout. The idea of using a big 8X10 color picture and 12 small black and white pictures came to mind as soon as I saw what the challange was. I doodled and journaled on a clear transparentcy and placed my pictures all around, numbering them with Making Memories Rubons. Then I embelished the page with some Heidi Swapp Tape, Chip Board Cirlce and Photo Corners, a Prima flower and a piece of a Hambly overlay. I think it all come together fairly well and I LOVE this picture of David & I. I'm sure I'll end up scraping it again.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I did this layout for the Effer Dare's Last Scrapper Standing Contest. The challange this week was to do all your journaling on your picture. I love doing that...I just don't ever do it enough. Here I used some of my new Hambly stash, Heidi Swapp photo corners, Doodle Bug Rubons, American Crafts ribbon & brads and Prima flowers. I really love how it turned out.

Baby Watch Update

Ok, so here is the baby's room. Just about done with it...we just have to put a few finishing touches. I love how it turned out.

Now as for the baby update, well I went to the doctor yesterday and it was the same song and dance as last week...doing great, look great, cervix is softening but not opening, blood pressure remains good, measurements look good, up two pounds, stockings seem to be helping the feet (not really), bla bla bla. So asked her again about what she thinks the weight of the baby will be. And she gave me the generic....oh you are right on track to have a normal sized baby. So I asked her to elaborate...what do you consider a "normal" sized baby? She says around 6 pounds or so. She thinks by the looks of me, the measurements & feel of my belly and my weight gain that a 6 pounder seems right. And this time she tells me that she thinks I will go around my due date. She just seems very unconcerned about the whole thing. She keeps using the word normal every time I ask her about something. I guess I was expecting more discussion and stuff since that was the hot topic for when my dear friend was in her last month but it was quite obvious by the size of her belly that she was not going to get away with a 6 pounder! So without the threat of a big baby, I guess she is not concerned about his size or the actual delivery or anything. She said she call feel that he is in position and since she thinks he is around 6 pounds there is no need for another ultrasound. I take her word for it...she's the doc! She also said that she can feel that the head has dropped a little which I could have told her since I can feel the extra pressure. Now she did mention that next week if my cervix has started opening that she may send me downstairs for them to check to see if & how much I'm contracting. I don't know what all is involved with that but she did mention that it is an option. We also went ahead and scheduled a last check up appointment for the 23rd (day before my due date). I'm assuming that she will tell me she is ready to induce if I have not progressed more by that point. So for now I wait. I think I'm ready. I just have to wash some of the baby's clothes, pick his little going home outfit and mine too and pack them and we will be ready. Oh and I need to get my snack bag together. So yeah, I think I'm ready...ready as I'll ever be. {sign}

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Belly Shots

Just sharing a new layout I did the other night. I've had this in my head for a while. Everytime I would get a picture of my growing belly that title would pop in my head...I'm just now getting around to doing it. I have a few more that are done and a few that I still have in mind to do if time permits before the little one comes. I'll post as I can. Oh and tommorow I will be posting my entry for the Last Scrapper Standing Contest that the Effer girls are putting on...check it out.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Nope, no baby yet...

No, no baby yet! I've had a couple people e-mail me just to make sure I was ok because i haven't posted lately....I guess that means I've been a bad blogger! Sorry! I've just been busy nesting and preparing. Wrapping up lose ends at work and preparing the nursery. Speaking of nursery, here is a sneak peek. This is the lamp I decorated to go with the vintage circus theme. I actually did this a couple weeks ago, I'll have to take some pics of the stuff I've been doing since. One of the things we did was get our fabulous vintage posters mounted so we can hang them! Oh they look awesome!

We haven't hung them yet but the chest of drawers is painted with new knobs, the bed is up, the curtains are hung and we even bought and assembled a toy chest to store all his little burp cloths and extra blankets and stuff out of sight. More pics to come soon. Promise.

"So what else have you been doing?" you may ask...well, Tuesday my mother and I went to meet with our new pediatrician and she seems really nice, friendly and down to know, someone you can ask the stupid questions to and not feel like an idiot! Then I went to my doctor's appointment and all is well. My blood pressure was slightly up but she said nothing to worry about right now since it is still in the low range. She said I'm progressing well and on schedule but she also said that she wants me to have this baby a week before or no later that a few days after my due date...YIKES! I need that week damn it! I'm not ready yet! But anyways, she thinks my swollen feet and hands look better but I think she is crazy...they don't look or feel any better to me. She also told me that if I come in and my blood pressure is way up that I shouldn't be surprised if she tells me I'm having this baby that day! AAGHHHHHH!

Psssss...I'm gonna be a mommy...real soon apparently!

So that about does it. More on Baby watch 2006 to come!