Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Baby Watch 2006 Update

Still no baby. We are patiently rush. I feel great so I'm in no major hurry but the anticipation is building! We were packed and ready at my doctor's appointment yesterday just in case I had progressed enough for them to admit me...but no luck. As yesterday my cervix was still high and soft but that's about all. I go back to the doctor Wedneday (the day before my due date) and hopefully I will have made some progress and my doctor will make a decision then. Till then, I scrap.


staceyfike said...

i was just coming here to check on ya and comment on whether we had a baby yet?????.....soooo excited for you!!! good luck!!!!

randommoments said...

Oh I just hate when my cervix is high and soft...

Its coming soon and its gonna be a rush! I can't wait to meet this little fella!

Thanks for the update! Kisses!