Thursday, August 24, 2006

Baby Watch Update...

Well here we are on my due date and still waiting on baby Zane to make his grand entrance! I went to the doctor yesterday and still no major progress. It looks like if I don't go into labor on my own, I go back to my doctor on Thursday, the 31st and they will induce. I'm not thilled about inducing but it looks like I may not have much of an choice by that point. So now all I can do is the usual...spicy foods, walking and other "fun" exersise (wink, wink). I will keep you all posted as I can.

Pray that I don't have to wait another week and he comes all on his own!


randommoments said...

Jump on the trampoline already. What? You don't have one? Hmm..go to Celebration Station then and ride the go-carts.

Wait, make that a nevermind.

Thanks for the update sweet cheeks!

rhonda said...

ok--maybe tmi....but with my last one....the dr. told me to go eat mexican and have wild sex.
Not sure how wild the sex was at 9 mths pg.....but a little after midnight my water broke...ONE MY DUE DATE!
Good luck!!!!!

Kelli said...

that "other exercise" works! ;)...two children out the next day :)