Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Baby Watch Update

Ok, so here is the baby's room. Just about done with it...we just have to put a few finishing touches. I love how it turned out.

Now as for the baby update, well I went to the doctor yesterday and it was the same song and dance as last week...doing great, look great, cervix is softening but not opening, blood pressure remains good, measurements look good, up two pounds, stockings seem to be helping the feet (not really), bla bla bla. So asked her again about what she thinks the weight of the baby will be. And she gave me the generic....oh you are right on track to have a normal sized baby. So I asked her to elaborate...what do you consider a "normal" sized baby? She says around 6 pounds or so. She thinks by the looks of me, the measurements & feel of my belly and my weight gain that a 6 pounder seems right. And this time she tells me that she thinks I will go around my due date. She just seems very unconcerned about the whole thing. She keeps using the word normal every time I ask her about something. I guess I was expecting more discussion and stuff since that was the hot topic for when my dear friend was in her last month but it was quite obvious by the size of her belly that she was not going to get away with a 6 pounder! So without the threat of a big baby, I guess she is not concerned about his size or the actual delivery or anything. She said she call feel that he is in position and since she thinks he is around 6 pounds there is no need for another ultrasound. I take her word for it...she's the doc! She also said that she can feel that the head has dropped a little which I could have told her since I can feel the extra pressure. Now she did mention that next week if my cervix has started opening that she may send me downstairs for them to check to see if & how much I'm contracting. I don't know what all is involved with that but she did mention that it is an option. We also went ahead and scheduled a last check up appointment for the 23rd (day before my due date). I'm assuming that she will tell me she is ready to induce if I have not progressed more by that point. So for now I wait. I think I'm ready. I just have to wash some of the baby's clothes, pick his little going home outfit and mine too and pack them and we will be ready. Oh and I need to get my snack bag together. So yeah, I think I'm ready...ready as I'll ever be. {sign}


Anonymous said...

I love how the room turned out. I never doubted you for a minute. I knew you were going to make the room look absolutely marvelous. You are so in the wrong profession.

Lee Ann

Tracey Odachowski said...

Oh, this looks SO great!!! I LOVE that room!!!

Tonya said...

Don't eat those snacks before. When they say don't eat after labor starts they can't stress that enough. I really wanted food and I thought it would be fine but turns out, not so much. I got so sick. I'll spare you the gore but it was very unpleasant.