Friday, August 04, 2006

Nope, no baby yet...

No, no baby yet! I've had a couple people e-mail me just to make sure I was ok because i haven't posted lately....I guess that means I've been a bad blogger! Sorry! I've just been busy nesting and preparing. Wrapping up lose ends at work and preparing the nursery. Speaking of nursery, here is a sneak peek. This is the lamp I decorated to go with the vintage circus theme. I actually did this a couple weeks ago, I'll have to take some pics of the stuff I've been doing since. One of the things we did was get our fabulous vintage posters mounted so we can hang them! Oh they look awesome!

We haven't hung them yet but the chest of drawers is painted with new knobs, the bed is up, the curtains are hung and we even bought and assembled a toy chest to store all his little burp cloths and extra blankets and stuff out of sight. More pics to come soon. Promise.

"So what else have you been doing?" you may ask...well, Tuesday my mother and I went to meet with our new pediatrician and she seems really nice, friendly and down to know, someone you can ask the stupid questions to and not feel like an idiot! Then I went to my doctor's appointment and all is well. My blood pressure was slightly up but she said nothing to worry about right now since it is still in the low range. She said I'm progressing well and on schedule but she also said that she wants me to have this baby a week before or no later that a few days after my due date...YIKES! I need that week damn it! I'm not ready yet! But anyways, she thinks my swollen feet and hands look better but I think she is crazy...they don't look or feel any better to me. She also told me that if I come in and my blood pressure is way up that I shouldn't be surprised if she tells me I'm having this baby that day! AAGHHHHHH!

Psssss...I'm gonna be a mommy...real soon apparently!

So that about does it. More on Baby watch 2006 to come!


randommoments said...

ooooh I'm in love.

You are SO hired as decorator if I ever have a little one.

Tonya said...

glad your doing well. I think we were all getting worried.

Rita said...

Im glad things are going well for you and the baby. I bet the nursery looks cute.

staceyfike said...

oh wow michelle
you're gonna be a momma soon!!!
LOVE love love the vintage circus theme so original and perfect!!!!!
if i was havin babies, i would soooooo copy you!!!!

Jody said...

You are gonna be great at being a mom. I hope you love it as much as I do! And newborn babies grow up so enjoy every sleepless, stressful, cranky, soft, fuzzy, unbelievable, emotional moment of it. Best of luck to you, hubby and baby. Sweetly~

elizabeth said...

oh i love that vintage poster. can't wait to see more pics of the nursery.

great blog and here's happy labor vibes :)

amber said...

Yay for being a Mommy soon. Love the nursery theme. Looks so cute! Best wishes!