Thursday, February 15, 2007

New jack is up!

Hey Ladies & Gigglefins (you kermit fans will get that)! The new Scrapjack is up and this chic is too cool! This week we jacked Amber Skolnick. How can you not adore this girls work?! Come join us in the jackin' at There is a Hambly goodie pack involved!Did you know that Jack is the new Lift?! Here is my jack of her page. Check out the scrapjacked blog for her page and all the other scrapjack versions of it too!


elizabeth said...

cute lo (love the pointing hand!).

i may have to give this challenge a try :)

Christina Padilla said...

awesome job chicka!
ya rocked it!

Ashley Beth said...

Michelle, I love this layout!! Really sweet~Zane is so precious and is getting so big!!! Please bring pics to Scrap Etc! (as if you wouldn't!!) Also, I requested to Mo that we be in the same group since I knew you were coming!

Take care! love reading at your blog!