Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So Blessed!

Ahhh yes, the weekend...seems like it was so far away and it's only Wednesday! Yes this weekend we baptized Zane. It was beautiful and the turn out of friends and family was overwhelming. Special thanks to my sweet cousin Sheryl for taking pictures for me...I'll be posting those soon. And my dear friend Lindsey came all the way from Houston just be be a part of the this special day! Ya'll are too sweet. The above picture was taken during a little photo shot I did to get a good picture for his announcements. Below is a snapshot my mom took with her camera. I'll post better pics when I get them.Such a heart warming day. I don't talk about religion or faith much but I feel very strongly that you must have faith in your life and although I don't attend church weekly or quote the bible, this is part of who I am. And you may not hear much about the matter other than that. Ok, done being holy.


LindseYaYa said...

Of course I would drive in for you and that angel bebe! I was so honored to have a part in it all. It meant so much to me. As for being "holy," it's a beautiful part of your heart, no matter when or how you share it. xo

Christina Padilla said...

that is a beautiful picture Mich! wow! Congrats on the baptism!

Ashley Beth said...

I too think that being "holy" shows such a beautiful part of you, Michelle! I love when people share their faith and the passion they have for it!! Share it...loud and proud!! :)

anneso said...

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