Monday, March 19, 2007

Good Times...good times.

Ok, here is my Bama update... Here are some of my favorite pics from the weekend..

Dinner with they hubby, Christina Padilla, Allison Kreft (Hambly), Kei-Mai (FontWerks), Stacey Fike and Kristi Contes. So much fun. We missed ya Marci! Oh and CP...sorry you got a shrimp in your eye! LOL! Damn that was some good food that night!
Here are more pics....

OH-MY-GAWD! Birmingham. *sigh* I had a blast! Meet some amazing people, made some killer projects, added "Clearly." "Wicked" & "Seriously." to my vocabulary catch words (Thanks Kristi & Stacey), had sushi, had habatci, laughed, cried, scrapped, got a cool Hambly t-shirt and an even cooler glass pendant THE Hambly designer herself, not only did I get to see a special feature of "Scrapped" at the theater but I got to hang out with the creater himself (hi Wess!), had dinner with the Hambly girls, hung out with Kie-Mai from Fontwerks, meet Jenni Bowlin, Stacey Juillian, Allison Tyler Jones, Heather Prickle from A2Z, Kelli Crowe.

So to sum in up...
Hambly girls are the coolest
Scrapped Movie guy is hillarious
Fontwerks Rocks
Jennie Bowlin is the sweetest
Sushi is better with Soy wraps
Habatchi frightens KC
Kelli Crowe is a hoot
Love me some old school photo booth pictures
My husband = Derick Zoolander
Make & Takes are hard work with 300+ women
Rave + Scrapbooking = Kick A good time!

Ok, camera died and I missed some awesome photo ops so if you have a picture of me or my darling little one during the event, please, PLEASE e-mail me!


stephaniehowell said...

you are the cutest.
so fun...we have to do it again next year.
and i''m glad you weren't "super shy" this year...i definitely wasn't.

LindseYaYa said...

Yea! You are back! I know you had a good time... I can't wait to hear alls abouts it. I can't wait to see your loot and hear all your tales. And even if you didn't... tell me there was this teeny tiny time between the sushi and the royal carpet that you missed me just a pinch- like a nano second. You know how vulnerable I am. ;)
I'm SO HAPPY yall had a swell time. Emailing soon... xo

staceyfike said...

i am just going to copy this post
edit out the kid & husband part
and use it for my blog to
thought so

p.s. wtf am i looking at in that pic?

Christina Padilla said...
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Christina Padilla said...

Mich!!!!!!! You know I *heart* you!!!!

It was a blast. dude. totally wicked (hehehe)

So happy to see you, your darling baby Z, your mom was so sweet and your hubby was so that!!!

Can't wait till next year woman!

ps...i delteted my 1st post, cuz im a R-tard.

Disney Scrapper said...

Michelle those pics are soo cute. So glad we got to meet. Your mom is a sweetheart.

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Glad you had a good time!!! Great pics!

stephaniehowell said...

forgot to ask you-
is it okay if i link you through my blog??
cuz i lub you!

mary h. said...

Love ya girl! So love my chicken too! LOL! I will be stealing the picture of you and your mom. I love her to pieces. Told my mil all about her. You're such a lucky girl to have her. I wanted to meet Zane but was afraid of intruding. He's such a cutie pie.

wes said...

OK, I'm an uber lamer...

I can't send you pics of Friday night because I accidentally dumped some of my files when I thought I still had them on my camera. I tragically lost the bar shots, 1/2 the classes I took and some cool rave pis. Spaz! So I've been stealing pics off other people's blogs for posterity. :0)

Yes, your blog is about as cool and fresh as the Fratelli's ( and that's pretty damn cool. How do you not love scottish rockers? )


wes said...

PS> I got married in a kilt.

Ashley Beth said...

Hey girl~
Great seeing you and Zane this weekend...your Mom is darling! :) So fun that she came...and of course, your sweet hubby! I will def. be sending you the 1 pic I got of Zane :( and the ones of you. Zane didn't like the light on my camera...and I had to use flash b/c it was so dark (you know, in case ATJ is reading!! LOL!) I hope to email those to you tonight. I am also sending Mo a disk, so you might be able to grab some off of her site when she posts. Take care!