Friday, April 27, 2007

Organize Much?

I challange you to ORGANIZE! Yep. When I was home sick last week I saw some organizing tips on Good Morning America and they suggested we go to this web site and sign up for the Organizing Challange. Being that I need this REALLY bad, I did it. I still haven't actually done any of the stuff yet but ya see this I don't have this fabulous Pottery Barn organizer, nor can I afford it. BUT I do plan on enlisting the assistance of my hubby and try my hand at making something simular. So I challange you to do it too! Now go get organized!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Anniversary update...

Well thank you all for your anniversary wishes. Unfortunatly it didn't go so well. Yes this is my favorite "fancy" restaurant. Yes it was a very special occassion. Yes my hubby was a sweetheart. Yes I wanted to go have a wonderful meal. However, the flu bug had other plans. You see I had been feeling kinda crummy all day...mainly just a scratchy throat. But as the day went on I felt a little worse but thought that a night out would do me some good. So we get dressed up and get there.

Excited to be here since we only really splerge on this pricey meal once a year.

David wanted to try this drink and I thought hey this could be good and the icey coolness could be good on my throat and it was.

Then the cheese came and it was yummy but I was still feeling crappy.

Salads came and they were good my tummy started feeling funny. I didn't get much further than this on it. BUT THEN....

Then they brought out the main course.

I normally adore this part but as soon as I caught the smell of that fondue cooking...OMG I almost lost it. I got so sick to my stomach that I literally only ate two bites. We ended up thowing everthing in the pot and cooking it so we could put it in a to go box. We didn't even get dessert. The manager was nice enought to give us a rain check on the dessert that came with the meal. So yeah, that was a very expensive boilingfest! You see the whole idea of this place is the experence. It's not even so much about the meal. So it was basically ruined.

So here we are. Leaving. Of coarse me being the hopeless scrapbooker, I had to ask the hostest to take our picture. Pitiful I know.

Now keep in mind this was Thrusday. Friday morning I woke up and could hardly swallow. My throat was swollen and hurt something aweful. I had the cold sweats, my body ached, my head pounded, I wanted to hair even hurt! Needless to say I called in sick and went to the doctor. Well, after 1 doctor's visit, 2 shots, 5 phone calls to the insurance company, 2 prescriptions and lots of rest and liquids...I am much better! I still have a lingering cough and a little scratchy throat but I am WAY better they I was doing a couple days ago! Now when do I get my fondue dessert?!


Yep, we jacked Heidi Swapp. No one is safe from our jacks! Here is mine.

Check the scrapjacked blog for a peek at Heidi's page and all the other ladies wonderful versions of Heidi's layout.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Five years ago we toasted...

Today we fondue. Melting Pot, here we come!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Travel Wishes & Honeymoon Dreams

How cool is this freekin' paper?!!! OMG! This is some new papers from Dove of the East and how perfect were they for my honeymoon pics from Splindid China (which, sadly, has since closed). That place was amazing and I was bummed when I found out about it's closure. David and I had a ton of places to choose from on our one day in Orlando when we got back from our cruise, but we choose the rich culture they offered...not to mentioned the amazing photo ops! Ok, now I'm sad. Great. Anyways, I adore the colors and vivid designs the papers have and I thought they really pumped up my pics. I hope to see more from this company soon.

Friday, April 06, 2007


Tons of pics. Will share more later.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New Hambly & a Challange from Stacey Fike...

Been scrappin'! Use some of my March ZingBoom kit and some new Hambly rubons (and some old ones)...but the best is the piece of cardboard that says "California". You see, Stacey Fike sent this to me and challaged me to use it. Well Stac...what do ya think? I still have tons of this wonderful cardboard left. You will be seeing it real soon!

Next is another page I did using some new Hambly rubons and overlays. Love me some fresh Hambly!
More to come!