Friday, April 27, 2007

Organize Much?

I challange you to ORGANIZE! Yep. When I was home sick last week I saw some organizing tips on Good Morning America and they suggested we go to this web site and sign up for the Organizing Challange. Being that I need this REALLY bad, I did it. I still haven't actually done any of the stuff yet but ya see this I don't have this fabulous Pottery Barn organizer, nor can I afford it. BUT I do plan on enlisting the assistance of my hubby and try my hand at making something simular. So I challange you to do it too! Now go get organized!


Kelli said...

and for your scrappin' organizing

here's this site :)

stephaniehowell said...

girl- i am the QUEEN of organizing and multitasking...'s kinda scary.
maybe i need to take a chill out challenge!!

***tiffany said...

I was killing time at work going through blogs and found yours through Amber U's -- you must be from here (Louisiana) b/c of the Crawfish boil post...and it's always nice to meet people that live near by. So, nice to "meet" you..Do you crop at a LSS?