Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Travel Wishes & Honeymoon Dreams

How cool is this freekin' paper?!!! OMG! This is some new papers from Dove of the East and how perfect were they for my honeymoon pics from Splindid China (which, sadly, has since closed). That place was amazing and I was bummed when I found out about it's closure. David and I had a ton of places to choose from on our one day in Orlando when we got back from our cruise, but we choose the rich culture they offered...not to mentioned the amazing photo ops! Ok, now I'm sad. Great. Anyways, I adore the colors and vivid designs the papers have and I thought they really pumped up my pics. I hope to see more from this company soon.


stephaniehowell said...

those are some gorgeous papers..
so glad you posted, i've been missing you!

*~*Amber*~* said...

holy smokes.. i NEED this... in LOVE with it!!! xoxo

mary h. said...

Please pm or email me on how in the world you got these. I NEED them!!!!!!!!