Thursday, November 29, 2007


So yeah, it's the weekend...well almost.

Monday is my birthday.

I will be 30.



You heard me right.

So what am I doing to celebrate?

Cats Show.

Thirty ain't gonna be so bad.


Anonymous said...

You know... This is a milestone... One worthy of a *just you* photoshoot! Hmmm. I wish I could be there!!! Guess who is considering moving home next summer??? Don't tell my mother or I'll do something drastic. Like... make you lick China toys. Yeah.

Shelia said...

30 isn't so bad. I am now 33, and my brother keeps telling me the 30's are the new 20's! So are you watching the SEC championship? That's probably a silly question. I just hope those boys don't keep me so nervous right up until the end of the game!

Kelli said...

welcome to the club! :)