Friday, December 28, 2007

Saving supper, Furi knives and the Living Forest

Ok, first of all, let me just tell you how much I love my new knives! My sweet, sweet observant hubby bought me a set of RR Furi knives (something I would NEVER buy for myself). He knew I had been having my eye on them for a very long time. I used them last night for the first time. Which brings me to my next topic...

Saving supper. Literally. Like scraping off the floor kind of saving. Ok, let me rewind. I was still feeling fairly festive and since we didn't get any holiday leftovers, I decided I would make some homemade baked macaroni and cheese and some mini meat pies. So I'm finishing up the steamed zucchini and squash and I had just taken the meat pies out of the oven but the macaroni needed just a few more minutes. So I go to pull the macaroni out of the oven and for some unknown reason, the bubbling hot dish just slipped out of my hands. As I yelled obscenities, it hit the floor, unshattered but face down. Obscenities continued as David ran into the room asking repeatedly if I was ok. Are you sure you're ok? Did you burn yourself? What happened? Are you ok? With a quivering voice I kept replying that I was fine. JUST FINE!
I couldn't believe that I had spent an hour slaving over this completely home cooked meal and I destroy it in seconds! I mean this never happens with the one box wonder quick meals. Why does this have to happen to my delicious golden browned macaroni and cheese?! David insisted it was ok, we would just scoop off the top and eat the part that didn't hit the floor. *Delima* What would you do? Would you eat it?
Well I was exhausted after a full day of work, juggling a toddler and an hour of cooking not to mention I had some hormonal issues going we ate it. And nobody died. Proof that the 10 second rule is true.

Now on to more fun topics...
I had the day off today and I had hoped my mom would watch my little man for a little while so I could run errands and such but since my dad was taking her out on a "lunch date" I decided I would have a lunch date of my own.

I had a delightful lunch at McD's with my sweet little guy! Gotta love that.

Ok, so I'm off to clean, pack, do checklists and get ready to head to the Living Forrest! I'm coming Sugarbutt! I'm coming! Off to TexASS!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Scrapage...

Well sort of. This is some projects I made with my "The Dozens" December kit. I couldn't load my favorite's a Christmas present! I'll share later.

Ok,now back to baking! I've got some hidden mint cookies to finish up!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A mouse ate my breakfast & I think I'm cheating on my blog

Seriously...a mouse ate my breakfast! How frickin' rude! I was seriously pissed. I mean I left a perfectly good brownie wrapped in a napkin on my desk yesterday afternoon...saving it for breakfast. I was so looking forward to it and then to my shock I walk into my office and see a chunk taken out of it! The nerve! Bastard mouse. I don't go around stealing thier cheese. And I love cheese. I digress. Grrr!

As for my blog, yes I do believe I'm cheating on it. But shhhhhh, she might hear you. I've been myspacin'. I hate myspace. Why am I hanging out there? Ok, so I don't HATE it anymore. Now that my sweet hubby showed me how to change my kick a background AND I found a website that has scrapbook themed backgrounds! For real! My back ground is from the Basic Grey line! Check it out. Oh and hubs also showed me how to add music too so I'm all cozy there now. I can't bring myself to blog there though. That would be stepping over the line.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Don't F*^%#@* with the ficus!

Company Christmas parties, old friends and ficus tree fun. Ahhhh, that was my weekend. Ok, let me break it down...
We went to the Christmas party for my hubby's department. It was kinda nice hanging out with the people that he works with everyday and some that I get to work with from time to time. The food was good and there were some interesting ice breaker type games. We kicked butt at Scene it...but we won't go there. Then, we realized that we had a sitter for the whole night so what's a young couple to do...well we went out for drinks of coarse. When we got there we ran into some old friends that we had NO idea were gonna be there. Go figure. We also arranged for my girl April to meet us. We had a blast as we did last time we hung out. At some point she even violated the ficus tree in the bar. In fact, she got very protective of that ficus. Strange. Amusing. But strange.
Yes it is a horrible picture but I didn't have my camera and beggers can't be choosers. *you can just see the ficus in the background just over my shoulder. It was good times.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mall Santas, Soft Pretzels, Mexican Food Joints & Journey

Well the Santa pictures are taken. Whheeeewwwww~ I was so dreading the mall and the line and a possible fit (Zane, not me). But it was actually pretty pleasent.
This was the scene at the Mall of Louisiana where we went take the pictures. Helful hint #249, always take Santa pictures on a Tuesday night to avoid long lines. Naturally I had to go on Tuesday, I mean Wednesday was America's Next Top Model and Thrusday is Smallville & Grey's then we are right back to the weekend. LOL!

As you can see, it was a pretty good Santa. I was very happy with it all. So once we got that fateful picture snapped, we were starved. Since we went upstairs to that that scene pic, I had to go get one of those wonderful soft parmesan pretzels. Zane is now a big fan of them too. Then for the ultimate treat, we went to my favorite little Mexican joint called "Zippy's" for supper. And to top it all off, as I'm sitting there feasting on my Tamales El Juan, what comes on the radio? You guessed it, JOURNEY! Needless to say, I'm still singing "Don't Stop Believing"!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's not "myspace" but it's cozy...

So I had this conversation with a "myspacer" who shall remain nameless...I don't dig myspace. I mean I have one but I don't do anything with it. It seams pointless to me and busy. And all the crazy backgrounds and songs and slide shows lock up my computer. So I blog. Again I say...It's not "myspace", but I think it's cozy. My blog is MY space!

So I did some scrappin' last night. I would have done more but my little mad man was running wild! Here I rocked the Masters Kit. Such a packed kit with a great combo of products this month.

And this is just a fun little layout I did playing with my Hambly overlays and the scaloped border that one of my Red Velvet ornament swappers had on her envelope! Man I love scrapbooking.

Holiday Spirit & Hater Nation

*CAUTION* Extremely long post and hater nation rant below!

So we were feeling festive this weekend (between my icky feeling) and decided to do a little holiday shopping. We tried to go to the mall to see Santa but that was a joke! My child would have been in no condition to photograph after waiting in that line! So we shopped. We also went to a groovy new shopping center in Baton Rouge called Perkins Rowe. They have an Urban Outfitters and everything! That cute little cajun scene above is from there. So here are a few more of my favorite pics from hanging out this weekend with my boys.

I love all these new pics but still don't think I have a Christmas card picture yet! Grrrrr!~
Ok, so to the hater nation part of the post....

So have you ever ran into an old "friend" and could feel the jealousy? I mean literally feel the "hard" feelings? Ok, so I ran into an old friend of a friend (don't speak to either anymore) in the store the other day and she stop and spoke but only because it was unavoidable... To be honest I would have avoided her if I could have. Anyways, I could just feel her jealousy. It was strange. Now I don't think we are anything to be jealous any means! We are just an average family living in a tiny house in a small town. We have modest jobs and drive inexpensive used cars. BUT we have each other and I could tell when she was talking to us she resented that. I don't know...maybe I'm way off here but does anyone else ever get that feeling? I mean I haven't seen this girl since the day she got married and then I see her and she takes one look at me and my hubby and our little boy and has this "look" on her face. It was bizarre to say the least and uncomfortable. Not only that, she didn't even comment on my kid. Didn't ask his name, how old he was, didn't say he was cute or that he looked like either one of us or anything. Now I'm not fishing for compliments on my child...but you would think an old acquaintance would be curious and have some concern about him. It just made me sad that people can be like that. Miserable and hateful.
It just put a damper on my holiday spirit.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


It's a horrible thing. Look what it is making me want.
It's at Express. It's like $200. I can't justify that! grrrrr.

BUT, we did do a little shopping and had some Greek food (sorry Lindsey...we couldn't wait any longer). A little retail therapy goes a long, long way. I feel much better now. Well still A LITTLE icky. But better none the less!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Scrappy Ornaments

I made these for a fun little swap over on the Red Velvet site.
I used some Hob Lob felt hearts and decorated them with American Crafts felt flowers and Hambly overlays. They are so fun and funky!

This one is a little more exotic and elegant. I used Dove of the East rubons, ribbon and charm to decorate this clear ornament. It was so easy and the result is so professional! Great gifts people!

Ok, so I've been feeling pretty crappy lately so that's all I got for now. Laters!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Midnight...not a sound from the pavement

So I'm 30.

This weekend we did some pre-birthday celebrating. Saturday we went out to see a live band (no pics...sorry). And I got to catch up with an old friend...HI APRIL! Sunday went eat at a groovy little pizza place and then we went see Cats. It was such a nice evening.

Damn that was a huge piece of pizza!

This is my friend Beth and her hubby, they came celbrate with us!

And the show was great! I've been singing all morning!

If you have never seen a Broadway quality show, you simply must. YOU MUST!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Scrapjack is up!

Here is my take on this week's scrapjack of Nikki Petterson. Check'em out at

So this is Christmas.

I finally put up my tree and I love the color combo I choose this year.
You see, I have this tiny little 6ft. artificial tree (I usually put it up on a table or a big box to add height) and I change the decorations every year. Yeah, you heard me right, I never have the same theme/colors. Sure I reuse some ornaments from year to year but never the same combo. This year I went with all new, nonbreakable ornaments so my little man can't damage anything. Since I don't buy a tree every year, this is my perk. This is what makes it fun for me. Plus, it's such a great challenge to come up with really cool, inexpensive decorations to make this pitiful little tree look elegant! Oh, did I mention that my gifts have to match the colors of the tree? LOL! Yeah, I'm strange like that. It's like a package deal for me.

*sigh* I love Christmas.