Sunday, December 16, 2007

Don't F*^%#@* with the ficus!

Company Christmas parties, old friends and ficus tree fun. Ahhhh, that was my weekend. Ok, let me break it down...
We went to the Christmas party for my hubby's department. It was kinda nice hanging out with the people that he works with everyday and some that I get to work with from time to time. The food was good and there were some interesting ice breaker type games. We kicked butt at Scene it...but we won't go there. Then, we realized that we had a sitter for the whole night so what's a young couple to do...well we went out for drinks of coarse. When we got there we ran into some old friends that we had NO idea were gonna be there. Go figure. We also arranged for my girl April to meet us. We had a blast as we did last time we hung out. At some point she even violated the ficus tree in the bar. In fact, she got very protective of that ficus. Strange. Amusing. But strange.
Yes it is a horrible picture but I didn't have my camera and beggers can't be choosers. *you can just see the ficus in the background just over my shoulder. It was good times.


Courtney DeLaura said...

HOW FUN a sitter all night!!!

I love your banner.

hugs girlie.


April said...

Seriously....don't F with da ficus...hey, when you are hot and single, everything wants ya...ha.