Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Spirit & Hater Nation

*CAUTION* Extremely long post and hater nation rant below!

So we were feeling festive this weekend (between my icky feeling) and decided to do a little holiday shopping. We tried to go to the mall to see Santa but that was a joke! My child would have been in no condition to photograph after waiting in that line! So we shopped. We also went to a groovy new shopping center in Baton Rouge called Perkins Rowe. They have an Urban Outfitters and everything! That cute little cajun scene above is from there. So here are a few more of my favorite pics from hanging out this weekend with my boys.

I love all these new pics but still don't think I have a Christmas card picture yet! Grrrrr!~
Ok, so to the hater nation part of the post....

So have you ever ran into an old "friend" and could feel the jealousy? I mean literally feel the "hard" feelings? Ok, so I ran into an old friend of a friend (don't speak to either anymore) in the store the other day and she stop and spoke but only because it was unavoidable... To be honest I would have avoided her if I could have. Anyways, I could just feel her jealousy. It was strange. Now I don't think we are anything to be jealous of...by any means! We are just an average family living in a tiny house in a small town. We have modest jobs and drive inexpensive used cars. BUT we have each other and I could tell when she was talking to us she resented that. I don't know...maybe I'm way off here but does anyone else ever get that feeling? I mean I haven't seen this girl since the day she got married and then I see her and she takes one look at me and my hubby and our little boy and has this "look" on her face. It was bizarre to say the least and uncomfortable. Not only that, she didn't even comment on my kid. Didn't ask his name, how old he was, didn't say he was cute or that he looked like either one of us or anything. Now I'm not fishing for compliments on my child...but you would think an old acquaintance would be curious and have some concern about him. It just made me sad that people can be like that. Miserable and hateful.
It just put a damper on my holiday spirit.


Anonymous said...

I HATE to hear your story... bc I know exactly how you feel. But by this point, I'm sure your anger has faded to show that you feel sorry for her- mine always does. And if it hasn't yet, then give me the pertinents and I'll go drop kick her in the face. You know I'll do it. And her not being curious about Zane only proves her 'bad place' bc he's so perfect it's unavoidable. So... uh shoot me an email and name drop. I want to know who to ninja kick.

I love you Sugarbutt, and I'm oh so excited about our family holiday together!


random moments said...

*gasp* You were less than one mile from my apt and didn't call me??? *sob*

I can't even talk of my relationship with J to some of my "friends" because they either show obvious hate or shush me up. Jealousy is a terrible thing. Zane is precious - who WOULDN'T make a comment? Mean bitches, that's who! Don't let her rude your holiday spirit hun!

Miss you! We need to get together again soon. Are you girls coming to the party on the 22nd?

Bridget said...

Some people are just mean, plain and simple. I guess she's upset because you have something money can't buy.

BTW, would that new shopping center happen to be on Perkins? (I figured it would because of the name.) I'll have to check it out next time I'm in the area.

staceyfike said...

if only we lived close enough to run in to eachother now and then, i would eat those sweet cheeks alive, i cannot believe she ignored the z man!!!

April said...

Bitches! Her loss! She has no idea what she's missing....drinking, dancing and flipping off the band (of course it was a P), passing out on your sofa and eating cutie patootie Zane's animal crackers from Zane himself with mascara running down her for breakfast. Bring her to the nursing home and I'll beat her ass!

Ashley Beth said...

Either this chick lacks proper social skills or she was seriously jealous. Who wouldn't say SOMETHING about your child??? I mean, granted, he is the most BEAUTIFUL little boy...seriously! But if I ran into an old "friend," even if I didn't think her kid was cute, I would say something!! At least, "What's his name? How old is he?, etc." So, I'm leaning toward the fact that she probably does possess some sort of social skills, but doesn't know how to use them!! I know you posted this a while back, so I hope you're over it...even though I've probably now reminded you! Oops!! Merry Christmas!