Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's not "myspace" but it's cozy...

So I had this conversation with a "myspacer" who shall remain nameless...I don't dig myspace. I mean I have one but I don't do anything with it. It seams pointless to me and busy. And all the crazy backgrounds and songs and slide shows lock up my computer. So I blog. Again I say...It's not "myspace", but I think it's cozy. My blog is MY space!

So I did some scrappin' last night. I would have done more but my little mad man was running wild! Here I rocked the Masters Kit. Such a packed kit with a great combo of products this month.

And this is just a fun little layout I did playing with my Hambly overlays and the scaloped border that one of my Red Velvet ornament swappers had on her envelope! Man I love scrapbooking.

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