Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mall Santas, Soft Pretzels, Mexican Food Joints & Journey

Well the Santa pictures are taken. Whheeeewwwww~ I was so dreading the mall and the line and a possible fit (Zane, not me). But it was actually pretty pleasent.
This was the scene at the Mall of Louisiana where we went take the pictures. Helful hint #249, always take Santa pictures on a Tuesday night to avoid long lines. Naturally I had to go on Tuesday, I mean Wednesday was America's Next Top Model and Thrusday is Smallville & Grey's then we are right back to the weekend. LOL!

As you can see, it was a pretty good Santa. I was very happy with it all. So once we got that fateful picture snapped, we were starved. Since we went upstairs to that that scene pic, I had to go get one of those wonderful soft parmesan pretzels. Zane is now a big fan of them too. Then for the ultimate treat, we went to my favorite little Mexican joint called "Zippy's" for supper. And to top it all off, as I'm sitting there feasting on my Tamales El Juan, what comes on the radio? You guessed it, JOURNEY! Needless to say, I'm still singing "Don't Stop Believing"!


staceyfike said...

tamales and journey!

sounds like a good night to me :)

Anonymous said...

mexican & santa; sounds ruff, but looks good....:0

miss morgan... said...

that is an awesome santa! love that he's reading the book instead of just sitting there!

Anonymous said...

The pic of bebe boy and Santa is really precious. What a smart Santa... I love the 'out of the box' thinking with the book. Literature + children= my heart a thumpin!

i love you, sugarbutt.