Monday, December 03, 2007

Midnight...not a sound from the pavement

So I'm 30.

This weekend we did some pre-birthday celebrating. Saturday we went out to see a live band (no pics...sorry). And I got to catch up with an old friend...HI APRIL! Sunday went eat at a groovy little pizza place and then we went see Cats. It was such a nice evening.

Damn that was a huge piece of pizza!

This is my friend Beth and her hubby, they came celbrate with us!

And the show was great! I've been singing all morning!

If you have never seen a Broadway quality show, you simply must. YOU MUST!


April said...

Thank goodness no pics. No one wants to see me passed out on your sofa with mascara on my face (uh, thanks so much for telling me...I noticed it in my rearview mirror driving home in the am). Good times yes, but I'm still so embarrassed! I'm Lindsey Lohan now!!

dana said...

happy b-day to you!!! Hope you got your kit by now... :)I turned the big 3-0 this October... I was bummed but 30 is turning out A-ok.

I'm gonna add u to my blog list (on my avocado---blog)