Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A mouse ate my breakfast & I think I'm cheating on my blog

Seriously...a mouse ate my breakfast! How frickin' rude! I was seriously pissed. I mean I left a perfectly good brownie wrapped in a napkin on my desk yesterday afternoon...saving it for breakfast. I was so looking forward to it and then to my shock I walk into my office and see a chunk taken out of it! The nerve! Bastard mouse. I don't go around stealing thier cheese. And I love cheese. I digress. Grrr!

As for my blog, yes I do believe I'm cheating on it. But shhhhhh, she might hear you. I've been myspacin'. I hate myspace. Why am I hanging out there? Ok, so I don't HATE it anymore. Now that my sweet hubby showed me how to change my kick a background AND I found a website that has scrapbook themed backgrounds! For real! My back ground is from the Basic Grey line! Check it out. Oh and hubs also showed me how to add music too so I'm all cozy there now. I can't bring myself to blog there though. That would be stepping over the line.


miss morgan... said...

wow! thanks for the layout tip! love the marah johnson ones!

April said...

and where oh where did your hubby learn to put music on a page...

That bastard mouse! Watch him Michelle. I'm still trying to get the rent check from him that he owes me from way back when. Don't trust him.