Friday, December 28, 2007

Saving supper, Furi knives and the Living Forest

Ok, first of all, let me just tell you how much I love my new knives! My sweet, sweet observant hubby bought me a set of RR Furi knives (something I would NEVER buy for myself). He knew I had been having my eye on them for a very long time. I used them last night for the first time. Which brings me to my next topic...

Saving supper. Literally. Like scraping off the floor kind of saving. Ok, let me rewind. I was still feeling fairly festive and since we didn't get any holiday leftovers, I decided I would make some homemade baked macaroni and cheese and some mini meat pies. So I'm finishing up the steamed zucchini and squash and I had just taken the meat pies out of the oven but the macaroni needed just a few more minutes. So I go to pull the macaroni out of the oven and for some unknown reason, the bubbling hot dish just slipped out of my hands. As I yelled obscenities, it hit the floor, unshattered but face down. Obscenities continued as David ran into the room asking repeatedly if I was ok. Are you sure you're ok? Did you burn yourself? What happened? Are you ok? With a quivering voice I kept replying that I was fine. JUST FINE!
I couldn't believe that I had spent an hour slaving over this completely home cooked meal and I destroy it in seconds! I mean this never happens with the one box wonder quick meals. Why does this have to happen to my delicious golden browned macaroni and cheese?! David insisted it was ok, we would just scoop off the top and eat the part that didn't hit the floor. *Delima* What would you do? Would you eat it?
Well I was exhausted after a full day of work, juggling a toddler and an hour of cooking not to mention I had some hormonal issues going we ate it. And nobody died. Proof that the 10 second rule is true.

Now on to more fun topics...
I had the day off today and I had hoped my mom would watch my little man for a little while so I could run errands and such but since my dad was taking her out on a "lunch date" I decided I would have a lunch date of my own.

I had a delightful lunch at McD's with my sweet little guy! Gotta love that.

Ok, so I'm off to clean, pack, do checklists and get ready to head to the Living Forrest! I'm coming Sugarbutt! I'm coming! Off to TexASS!


Disney Scrapper said...

He is growing way to fast. Please tell your mom I said Hello. Hope you all had a blessed Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Okay. This post was fantastic. Full of your voice *which I will here in person soon. AND, for the record, that pic of ZC may have been the very best picture of him... ever taken... since the angelic delivery room pics i took... and that pic on the pier with you and david. So there. It's one of the top 5 best pics ever. I don't know. It's just perfect. And special. AND he's going to be all mine... in less than 24 hours. I better charge my camera. COME TO ME!!! * hope you weren't lunching when i called to rant and rave... *fingers crossed*


Anonymous said...

*oh, and the new knives... holy cow. nothing is more romantic than a santoku. trust me. i may just kiss david in the mouth when i see him. which could prove to be very awkward for us both... but he gave you KNIVES!!! It's a natural reaction, really. Just warn him, just in case I get over excited... which im prone to do. just warn him. that's all. HURRY. Drive FAST... but in a safe sort of way. Tell Zane about all the fun he's gonna have. Okay. Lots to do!!!!!!!!!!!! xooo

Bridget said...

Michelle, I so would have eaten that macaroni too! Heck, in my house we'd have probably eaten it off the floor!

Have a safe trip!

Christina Padilla said...

yep. the 10 sec rule works in my house too. baked mac n' cheese sounds sooo darn good!

your pst had me cracking up...seriously though!

and look how big zane is!!! but that little hamburger looks so huge next to him! lol :)

Happy new year chickie!

passion for paper said...

Oh yeah, I got those...they rock!!

April said...

Chick...why didn't you call me to watch your cutie? You know I don't work and I could have pimped him in Wal Mart hoping I would "pick up". LOL. Oh and I love the knives....they go great with the are so domestic...did you give Dave a penny when he gave you the knife? It's so you don't break the friendship.