Saturday, December 01, 2007

So this is Christmas.

I finally put up my tree and I love the color combo I choose this year.
You see, I have this tiny little 6ft. artificial tree (I usually put it up on a table or a big box to add height) and I change the decorations every year. Yeah, you heard me right, I never have the same theme/colors. Sure I reuse some ornaments from year to year but never the same combo. This year I went with all new, nonbreakable ornaments so my little man can't damage anything. Since I don't buy a tree every year, this is my perk. This is what makes it fun for me. Plus, it's such a great challenge to come up with really cool, inexpensive decorations to make this pitiful little tree look elegant! Oh, did I mention that my gifts have to match the colors of the tree? LOL! Yeah, I'm strange like that. It's like a package deal for me.

*sigh* I love Christmas.

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staceyfike said...

i totally get you! we have at least 3 different trees every year and they each have a "theme" and the gifts are wrapped to co-ordinate with each tree!!