Sunday, January 13, 2008

99 Luft Balloons...

Ok so it was only two balloons...and only one of them was red...but you get the point.
Now if you are thinking that he looks all grown up suddenly, it's not your imagination. Trying to figure out what it is?

My boy got his first cut!
He even posed for this adorable picture when we were done! The owner of the store thought it was so cute that she is going to use it in her ads! LOL! That's my boy! It was a great experience. He was so good and the lady didn't even charge us! When we left the salon, we went next door and got him those balloons. The lady gave us the balloons tied to a little bunch of mini bottles of bubbles AND she only charged me 60 cents! So with his fresh hair cut we wanted to take some pictures. We went out to the back yard with the balloons and to blow bubbles and take pictures. It was so perfect! He immediately popped both balloons so we only got two picture with them but that didn't phase him. He was such a little man today.

So the "My First Curl" keepsake is filled now. *sigh*


April said...

Oh my....this is just the beginning....he's no longer a baby any more. He's a little man! Are you sad yet? Did you cry knowing she was cutting off the hair he was born with????

Anonymous said...

Okay- April is sooooooooooo not a mom yet. My gut hurt just reading the comment about cutting off the hair he was born with. I'll remember to tell her the same thing when she's watching her *heart* grow up. ;)

Yes! I do love bebe Zane's new look!!! I'm glad I grabbed those windy/curly/park pics when yall were here. It sort of commemorates the 'big step.' I do think he's the handsomest 16 month old out there. And just remember how sweet it is to have a curl! Beaux's hair was as straight as his momma's! I love it. Thanks for the post. Tell him I miss him. xo