Friday, January 18, 2008

So much to say here...

So we went out to see a band play only to find when we got there that they had canceled. We would have never went out on a week night to see the band that filled in. But we made the best of it.

The traditional shoe shot.

The intoxicated embrace

The girl friends pic.

The "there's a story there" pic...SO much to say about this one...
1) Notice the stance April has...mid dance stride.
2) See the bling on her ring finger? Earlier in the night that ring was on her right hand. Hmmm.
3) The borderline pleather vest and red snake skin shoes. Nice.
4) The box of "props" just beind the singer...boas and hats included.
5) The binder of song lyrics on the floor in front of the singer...perhaps she didn't know what she was singing.
6) Perhaps the most obvious of all...the eye contact the guy on the left has with April's butt. Again I say...nice.

And finally, the proverbial settle down girls shot. That's a wrap!
So needless to say we can have a good time with very little to work with. We even started a "soul train" circle! Yeah, it was that good! *sigh* Work was hard today. Hard I tell you!

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April said...

OMG...I NEVER want to see a shot of me from behind again....Damn, if I had been drinking this would be acceptable....but considering all I consumed was 64 oz of H2O this is ridiculous...good times were had...I just wish I would sweat AND SHINE!!! And the hair ain't workin for me