Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Jewelry Love

Today was better. Still sucky and crazy. But I see the light. I think.

And I made more jewelry. That made me happy.


random moments said...

Chin up young person. The thing is, with those of us crafty at heart, there's a chance we may NEVER love our jobs. I surely don't like mine and can't say I've ever really had one that I did like. We'd much rather be home creating, wouldn't we?


P.S. - Gorgeous earrings!

Angie said...

Hi Michelle
Love ur layouts on ur blog !!
They are so up my alley!!!
Thanks for loving my stamps on Rachel's Blog ..
Love and Skullies Angie

Amber Ulmer said...

Michelle, wow! I love those pieces!! Thanks for your sweet comments!! xoxo