Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Today sucked.

Yeah, it sucked and I hate my job. Well for the time being I hate it. But tomorrow is a new day and that may all change. Isn't that how things go? I just had a horrible day at work...one of those days where nothing I touched went right. But I did manage to bang out these super cute earrings yesterday. I want to make more but i have ZERO energy and today was a gym day so that makes it worse. What do ya'll think about them? Oh and I resisted that double cheese burger and fries from McDonalds today. Despite my horrible day, I kept my Lenten promise and no McDonalds. See I am a good Catholic. Sort of. tee hee hee!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE them, of course. That's crazy that you made those ear wires... that's my new thing too! You know what they say about great minds... and we're hot to boot. ;)
xxxo *yes, three x's. I feel spunky today.

Bridget said...

I freakin' love those earrings! Then again, I love just about anything with fleurs-de-lis on them!