Wednesday, March 05, 2008


After quite a hellishous week, I opened my mail box to see this beauty.
The fun and fabulous Stacey Fike had seen this wonderfuly obnoxious green felt chandelier and thought of me. How sweet is she?! She even make a handmade card and sent it to me. It had sewing on it for Christ sake! It just really put things in perspective for me. THANKS STAC! Despite a tough week, some exciting developments (scrap developments) have me fluttering around with pride. I'll share more on that later.

On the health front, I attended another class at the gym tonight and damn am I sore! But I actually think I enjoy it. Wierd.


staceyfike said...

i KNEW you'd love it :)

Kate O'Brien said...

I love working out Michelle. Even though the body is in pain after - it's so worth it!!

Adore that chandelier! Stacey is a sweetheart. Bet it did make your day!

Can't wait to get to meet you sweetie! Have a great weekend and hope your muscles are doing a bit better today!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect suprise! There is NOTHING like people who 'get' you. It's crazy how just that little bit of love can really change your perspective. Besides, you are an easy person to love. Thanks for checking out my BLOG, Sugarbutt! I hope it makes you proud! xo