Sunday, March 09, 2008

It was a Religious Experience

I took a trip to my church this morning...this was the result.

I was actually there to see the St. Joseph's Alter but for some reason, all the little details I've pass by all my life just seemed to jump out in front of me this morning. More pictures of the the feast of St. Joseph later. Blogger is taking FOREVER to load pictures today!


Kate O'Brien said...

adore your photos Michelle!! You got some really great shots.

Lindsey said...

Oh, Sugarbutt... you are flirting with me on my blog! And I like it, *wink.* I can tell you were hinting around asking me out on a hot double date to "the pot" when we move home. Don't be shy! Just come out and say it. And yes, I am in the mood for some tea. Actually, I could love tea "long tiiime." *Tacky* but funny. YEs? I love you and want two things when I come in town: 1) To pinch tails and suck heads *tacky again* hee hee AND 2) To eat Albasha's (I had a terrible urge to say- fondle your pita bread, but even I thought that would be going to far.) Good thing I have an internal sensor! Huh? I *lick you... I mean LOVE you. xo SB