Friday, March 07, 2008

Ladies & gentlemen of the jury...

Ahh, then end of another week. It is bitter sweet…glad to get a break from work but it reminds me of how fast time is flying. Life has gotten so…"quick". Ok, so I'll go over my latest obsession first. OLD NAVY URBAN SAFARI! How stinkin' cute is this stuff?! Yes I purchased all of these items and so much more! They were just all so cute and comfy and inexpensive, I just couldn't resist. It was one of those shopping moments where you love the item so much that you buy the same thing in every color they have. It was bad but it felt oh so good! I've come to realize that I am now that girl that buys a whole new "collection" of items at the start of each season. I didn't want to be that girl and I wasn't trying to be but I have come to terms with it and am now embracing it. Long live Old Navy and thank GOD I'm getting a fat bonus this year!

So as my title suggests, I was called for jury duty Thursday. I was annoyed but sort of curious since I have never been involved with such proceedings before. I arrived to the court house early and took a seat then just watched as all walks of life filed in. It was a great people watching opportunity. We live in a small community so I recognized some of the faces but most of the people were totally unfamiliar to me. As the process began I was quite amused with everything. People will say just about anything to get out of jury duty. They began calling names and interviewing people, questioning their beliefs and asking if they could be impartial. Although I was not being interviewed, it made me ask myself those questions and question my beliefs. Well after six hours of this process, they had selected the jury and I was dismissed without being called for an interview. I was relieved but somewhat disappointed that I wouldn't get to see the process through. I mean I sort of got to know the case and all the jury members through the interviews. I was interested to see the discussion and the different points of view that would come out. That was strange for me to feel disappointed about not being selected for jury duty. I never thought I would feel that way. I think I may indeed be an adult now.

Oh and some of you have asked about my gym experience this week...I have not been back since my class on Wednesday...I can barely walk right now! I am so flippin' sore! BUT I will be back in the gym Monday, come hell or high water. And I'll tackle that class again Wednesday. I just hope I don't callapse!


Anonymous said...

What a great post. I love the jury details and discription. I've never had the pleasure. I've been a 'student' for nearly 8 years now... so I never have the chance to serve. AND yeah! for new wardrobes. I AM that girl that buys in bulk four times a year... and James is DEF. that kid! I'm not ashamed. I'm super proud. Plus my savy shopping usually finds it's way to your closet the next season anyhow- so it's extra good. Speaking of shopping... I'm gonna Ann Taylor it this weekend! I *need* an Easter dress... and some yellow stuff... and green stuff. That's what my eye is one this season. I haven't shopped at Old Navy for myself in nearly 3 years... maybe I should check it out. *I loved this post* Can't you tell? xo

Kate O'Brien said...

love your finds at old navy michelle! you will look fab in all of it!!