Thursday, March 20, 2008

So THAT'S what i've been up too...

Been busy. Very busy. This is a peek of an upcoming class I'm working on.

These are my layouts I did for the latest Masters Kit.

So what else? Well I've been preparing for my 5th Annual Easter Tea! Did I mention it's gonna rock? The oriental theme is gonna be SO over the top! So yeah, I've got my menu and my outfit and I even have party favors! Damn this is gonna make for some cute scrapbook pages! LOL!

Oh and with the Holiday weekend there will be plenty of eats! Between the boiled crawfish on Good Friday, the Oriental tea menu on Saturday and the BBQ on Easter Sunday, I'm going to be on happy lady.

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Lisa said...

I just found you from your bloggie link at Scrapgal. You have a great edge and perspective.

ie, Cool stuff!