Sunday, March 23, 2008

We came, we saw, we teaed

Did you miss the Easter Tea? The Oriental Easter Tea? Well let me fill you in with pictures. We went a little overboard. Just a tad.

Then as if we didn't have enough Oriental flavor, we went eat Sushi with Sugarbutt. *sigh* It was a good day.As for Good Friday, we had the traditional crawfish boil and boy were they yummy. I didn't snap much pics but I did get this one of Zane's first encounter with a lizzard. Hillarious. Really.


Kate O'Brien said...

ok now that looks like FUN! you look so pretty in the photographs and your little man is ad-or-able!!!

email me girl and let me know when you want to meet up - anytime after Friday works for me! your stuff is going postal today so I WILL have it by Thursday.

have a great week!

Sugarbutt said...

SEE!!! I told you that your pics would turn out better than you thought. They always do. I wish we could have been there... but hey, we are making progress being there on a more steady basis. So compromise is a good thing! Plus, the sushi night couldn't have come at a better time!!! I love you, Sugarbutt!!! xo