Friday, March 14, 2008

Yeah he's doing Nixon...

Zitti noddles + my boy = hillarious Nixon impression!

Here is a little movie clip I shot of him doing his thing. So flippin' funny!

So last night we went out for a much needed night on the town. We mainly just went to see a band and have a few drinks. The band was great and the drinks were delish. Mission accomplished.

Exibit A- Lemon Drop Martini in hand. MMMMmmmmm!

>insert cheesy grin here<

Hangin' with one of my girls! It was a good night. Short. But good.

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Sugarbutt said...

Oh I just love this! Zane is growing into this little boy look. I love it. And you look totally fab in those pics... I'm not sure what it was--- but your complexion and smiles and outfit... You just looked stunning. You're not preggers, are you!? And I loved David's cheesy face- generally he give the camera his 'blue steel,' so it's nice to see the nut.ball side! Fun! I can't wait to see you this week! xo