Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hubs is a year wiser & I met Kate the great!

Yeah I know that title is lame. Sorry.

So yeah, my hubby requested a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. So naturally, that is exactly what I made for him. It was fairly yummy. Can't wait to eat some leftovers again tonight after supper.

Then today I had the pleasure of meeting the fabulous Kate O'Brian for lunch.

Despite a minor set back (Zane falling off the bed onto his head)...we made it to PJ Changs where we had a yummy meal complete with pot stickers & lettuce wraps. mMMMM! Then we topped that off with some Starbucks. So the reason we were meeting (besides just because we wanted to meet IRL) was for me to pick up my kit for her class over at Create My Keepsake. She asked me to be one of her "celebrity guest designers". I giggle every time I see her refer to me as a "celebrity guest"! You have got to go check it out! The class starts tomorrow.

Ok, since I was so excited to meet Kate and I admire her work, I wanted to make her a little gift. Here is what I came up with. It is made using the cover from an old cigar box as the "canvas" and has lots of vintage trim. Now I'm totally jealous and think I'm gonna make one for me too!

I hope you like it Kate!


Grace said...

you are a celebrity! LOL! I was in Nashville at the event and said hmm that girl looks familiar from 1 of the blogs but everyone looks so different in person and so I dismissed it. I see the bird tatoo and your adorable son at a break and said "Funky Fresh!" I did not want to disturb you with your adorable family. But see you are famous also! LOL! Enjoy it. Grace

*~*Amber*~* said...

Umm... Kate... SUHWEET! Love that girl too! hope to meet her someday as well! Lucky YOU!! Love ur project too!! xoxo

Kate O'Brien said...

aw...sorry it took me so long to get by here. life ya' know? :)

loved meeting you too and can't wait to meet up again!