Tuesday, April 29, 2008


That's the title of my mini book I did for Kate's class over at Create My Keepsake.

I originaly wanted to use this book to record random thoughts & facts about me but I sort of went in another direction. I'm thinking I will now make two books and switch the cover/titles. You can see more of my book and Kate's book as well as Stephanie Howell's version of it too by signing up for Kate's class.

Well I'm not feeling so hot tonight so that's all I got. *sigh* I see a big cup of hot tea in my very near future.

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Sugarbutt said...

Another cool little piece of scrappage! And I love that picture of us... Many more fun times to be had, soon! If the move/summer school doesn't kill me in the process. Oh, what I wouldn't do for a crystal ball... Happy Wed.nes.day. xo