Sunday, April 06, 2008

Title? What title?

Oh the joy. Oh the bliss! Look where I've been!

Yeah, I went there. I bought stuff. I'm pleased.
And this is why I love these clothes...the details. Look at the sweet little tags inside these beauties.

How could you not want to drape your body in these fashions?

Ok, now this is just hilarious. Zane just refuses to stop and nap. He fights sleep like no child I have ever seen. It's like he thinks the world throws a huge party when he is unconscious. So I caught him catching some z's. He kept nodding and every time he would nod he would jerk his hand and his truck would roll. It was quite funny. I shot a few seconds of video too but that takes way to long to you get pics.

Funny huhh?


Sugarbutt said...

I love your new threads! I can't wait to check out Perkins Rowe when I come back... and my fav. farmers markets! *Yippee* You've gotten some pretty special threads lately. Good for you. And Z.Crue looks awefully cute in those pics! I can't BELIEVE that he won't lay down to nap!!! I mean, who doesn't love a soft, warm, snuggly bed!?! I want to see that video btw... Happy Tuesday, Sugar!
peace. xo

Vee said...

i love anthro, I have that green shirt in brown LOVE it :)