Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ahhh another weekend over and done

Sunday is such a bitter sweet in my mind. Another weekend dies just as a new week dawns. Deep huh? Well I will be brief. Here is the latest scrapjack. This time we jacked Martha (super talented) Bonneau.

This is just a fun layout I did with the May "Dozens" kit. Love the custom designed monster papers. So inspiring.

And this is how I spent my lazy Sunday afternoon. We had a picnic (if you consider McDonald's picnic food) in the back yard then I surfed the SIS message board and waited for my turn in the Round Robbin. *ahhh again I say, another weekend gone, over and done. *sigh*

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whimpyLove your web site and your page lay out. I know those eye, I had a pair. Thought he could get away with every thing. To top it off he was born on my birthday, so he told every one we had this bond. Guess we did. My husband asked me ( when he was about 17 " when will you stop calling him baby). Well....never. Gayle said...

The word whimpy should not be there