Tuesday, May 06, 2008

How exactly does a freak flossing accident happen?

Ok, first things first, Kate has successfully convinced me that I should be doing the 365. So here we go. This is my new favorite purse, a vintage find I came across a few months ago. I thought it was so fun with my new vintage looking anthoropologie top. Did I mention I have started an addiction with that place? Oh and my funky ring made with a vintage earring is visible here too. Not the best pic I'll admit, but had a lot of "me" elements in it. So my 365 begins.

So you wondering about the title of this post? Yes I injured myself this morning in a freak flossing accident. It was like an episode of "When good hygiene goes bad". See my hand slipped and my fingernail cut the inside of my lip causing it to bleed....a lot. You may or may not know that I have a disorder where my body attacks the platelets in my blood, causing me to have a low platelet count...hence the heavy bleeding. I found this out when I was in labor with my son...grand time to find such a thing out. Yeah they tell me oh by the way, "your platelet count is low so we can't give you an epi". Nice. Well at least now I know what has apparently been going on with my body ever since I was a child! So I was telling this to my friend at work and she says "so you are a free bleeder". Indeed I am. It took me like 15 minutes to get it to stop bleeding! This kind of stuff only happens to me.

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Sugarbutt said...

Hello lover! I hate to hear about your series of unfortunate events. But I appreciate the mental image the whole debacle conjured up in my mind. I love the 365 idea! I've been jonesin to start for a while now... but I've been intimidated. Go you! Plus the purse is snazzy and the top is sweet. I can't wait to get home so we can bungalow it. xo