Thursday, May 29, 2008

I know not of this 365 you speak of....




Sorry for my lack of bloggage but this week has sucked. Stress at work, fussy baby with monster diaper rash, I still feel crappy and hubs had kidney stones. YES, kidney stones. Nice. But things are getting much better as the week winds down.

Ok, so I've gotten a number of emails about what's this 365 photo project I keep talking about. What are the rules? Can any one play? Well yes, anyone can play. As for rules, it's has to be a self portrait and you take one every day. That's it. You can set a timer, use a tripod, hold the camera out and snap it, long as you take the picture yourself. I've seen a number of very inspirational folks that I admire doing this project but I got my real inspiration from Kate. Her beautiful pictures pushed me to do it myself. See Kate, I told you you were a total inspiration! This little project is making want a better camera but the funny thing is most of mine are taken with my camera on my iphone. The ones I use the timer for are with my point and shoot Kodak. There are quite a few flickr groups you can join and upload your pics and get feedback from other 365ers but I just like taking them for me and blogging them. It just makes me happy. I spend so much time shopping and putting together outfits and such that it is sort of gratifing to see it in pictures everyday. Vain. I know. But whatevs! LOL! So that's it. Go. Shoot. Document your daily self in pics. If you want to join a flickr group just go to flickr and search 365 and see all the groups pop up. They all have simular rules...just find the little nook you like and go with it. Oh and LINK ME UP too! I wanna see what you come up with so i can follow your 365 journey!


LindseYaYa said...

Yes, very Katesque indeed. She mentioned a new haircup on her blog (!!!)--- yes, I've started lurking. Ne.who...I think it's a cool idea. However, I do feel that your eyes and smile are more enduring than even your cutest outfits- so I feel jipped when I don't see your big eyes and an occasional grin. I will say, I think you've been looking awfully sassy in your cute threads lately. Gosh, I'm very opinionated tonight. Yikes. Perhaps I could soothe you with a song. How 'bout my milkshake rendition? *grin* xo, Sugarbutt

Kate O'Brien said...

i love all of your photos michelle! these recents are my faves! keep on rockin' girl!