Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Migraines suck.

Yeah. They suck. This is my 365 pic from yesterday when I was suffering from one.
And no, the meds the doctor gave me didn't work. And this one was quite possibly the worst one yet.

Then I snapped this one as I was about to leave work this afternoon. Did I mention I feel skinny today. That's good. Right? With a migraine hangover I can dwell in that...can't I?
Oh, I almost forgot, look what I found in my mailbox today! Woooohhhooo! Delish vintage goodies from Sushipotparts.
Good stuff I tell ya. Good stuff.

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Sugarbutt said...

Ugh. I wish you didn't have to suffer with those... I've only had a few- but they really are scary. And it's makes matters worse when you can't just be 'sick.' We are mommas... and wives... and employees... So it's hard to let loose of the world just to take care of yourself and get better. I know things have been touchy lately with the whole 'health' arena--- just know that we are praying for everything. Even James' prays for "Mimi to sweep and Bebe Zane to eat his supper." I don't know where he gets that--- but it did pop up in our nightly prayers last week. *hugs* xo