Sunday, May 11, 2008

On this day we celebrate our mothers...

This is my mom. She is super. She is my best friend.
This mother's day was so nice. My mother in law invited us all (including my parents) over to their house for a barbeque. And we all got to spend the day together.
And this is the flower that my sweet child brought to me (picked himself) and gave me a big mother's day kiss. It was actually my second mother's day kiss from him. The first was when he and David brought me my mother's day gift in bed this morning.
And this is my 365 for the day. I looked up in the mirror on our way to the in-laws and saw me looking back at him and thought, you know what...this moment will be so lost in other moments in the next few years...I wanted to remember it.
So besides mother's day this weekend, we went out and reconnected with some old friends last night. We went to a comedy club and then downtown to a new pizza joint called "Schlittz & Giggles". How funny is that?! Loved the sign. Loved the pizza almost as much.
We had the "Kitchen Floor".
I sure do love a supreme pizza. All the olives,the mushrooms,the bell peppers, the meats, all of it.

It was a nice night. I just love being downtown. It has become quite the place to be with all the revitalization that has taken place.

Well that's all for this, my second Mother's day. I can hardly believe that I have only been a mother for 20 months. Hummpphhh. You know what they say about time. It flies.

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LindseYaYa said...

20 months huh? You know what happens in two months? Holy cow. Just wanted to drop that ** reminder that your kid (as well as mine) is growing up. Sorry about cancelling Sat. night. We were totally exhausted from the previous two day Then Sunday we left around 1030am... so it was later than I figured. I do love your pics, though. Especially the one of your momma. Cause I love her TOO! Thanks for keeping up with me this weekend... we are excited. xo