Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Already?

Where HAS the week gone? I've been feeling a bit drained but I was super excited to do this week's jack. This time we jacked Kate O'Brien! As you recall, I recently met Kate so it was a treat to have an excuse to jack one of her pages. Problem is, now I want to jack more of them! They are just so clean and raw and personal. I mean look at the page I did (above)...I journaled. ME...JOURNALED! I know. Crazy. I think I wanna do some more things based on her pages. She is truly an inspiration.

Ok, so here are my latest self portraits from yesterday and today.

See that green's my fav. It was an Anthropologie splurge. I think I'm due for another trip there. he he!

1 comment:

pakosta said...

VERY CUTE SHIRT!! love the self portraits!
love that scrap jack site toO!